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  1. Band of showers incoming from the NW might produce the odd rumble of thunder as it passes over us.
  2. Incoming storm for the NE in the next couple of hours?
  3. Quite a nasty surface based thunderstorm around the Burnopfield area first thing this morning with many CG strikes and instant shotgun thunder. Will it kick off again tonight?
  4. Yes a very pleasant afternoon after the fun and games early on this morning!
  5. I was hoping to see some photos of that storm from you.
  6. Well that didn't disappoint. Gusty winds,torrential rain,hail and frequent lightning.
  7. Storm shield is offline. Constant rumbling to South.
  8. First distant rumble heard to my south.
  9. Cracking line of storms heading towards our region,and should continue to develop on the way.
  10. A real packet of showers spreading down towards us from Eastern Scotland.
  11. It would be nice to wake up to a dusting of snow in the morning which would be a major achievement given the past winter.
  12. Plenty of crazy blocking charts around,and no surprise to see the GWO forecast to plummet to very low values as the Northern hemisphere starts settling into its summer state. The UKMO seems a bit keen,although it is the scandi high time of year.
  13. Probably more suited to the other thread but some big changes in the stratosphere over the next week or so as the final warming gets underway,with the polar vortex going into meltdown mode,which could explain some of the volatility in the anomaly charts John mentioned. AO likely to go negative,so arctic air being pushed to lower latitudes.