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  1. Yes,that TS certainly not doing us any favours on the 06z around day 10 by driving heights towards Greenland,and adds insult to injury by the end of the run!
  2. Yes,certainly a case of bad timing for the breakdown this weekend. Looking further afield,quite a persistent area of low heights over the Arctic at the moment and for the medium term,which looks rather out of place for the time of year.
  3. A narrow line of intensifying showers heading towards Newcastle at the moment with the odd sferic.
  4. Maybe a plume from the opposite direction this time? Indeed."if only it was..."
  5. Severe gales at day 8? Surely the ECM 00z is 'avin a larf'
  6. Difficult to pick out a 1-2 day event from those charts though.
  7. Nice fax chart for noon tomorrow with a small trough just in the right place. Buried treasure in Yorkshire perhaps?
  8. A top quality event that was with day and night time storms.
  9. Tis the season for picking cherries about now,and ensemble 5 gets the +20c isotherm across much of Southern England.
  10. A song dedicated to politicians everywhere.....
  11. Cloud already bubbling up,and a warning for heavy showers/thunder from the met-office. edit. radar coming to life already.
  12. Yes,heard a few decent rumbles about 20 minutes ago.
  13. Quite a potent cell near Newcastle at the moment giving a few strikes.
  14. Couldn't agree more,9c with occasional rain here this afternoon is pretty poor for mid-June,but should be a vast improvement from tomorrow afternoon onwards as we finally lose that NE flow and replace it with Westerly/South-Westerly winds as we head into next week. The odd band of rain will be a small price to pay.