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  1. http://meteocentre.com/satellite/imagery.php?lang=fr&area=uk
  2. The overshoot from the storm in Cumbria is just over me here in Durham!
  3. Not a bad little storm passed through here,Consett probably had the best of it.
  4. First distant rumble heard here,but main activity seems to heading just west of me,but early days yet. Some real whoppers down over Spain/France.
  5. Yeah,still about 80 out there,and with very high dew-points making it feel really claggy. Good T.storm food though.?️ Can already see distant anvils looking South.
  6. Should be a beast by the time it hits our region. Boro-snow maybe best placed.
  7. Cracking synoptic day 10 chart from the 12z GEM,with a clear 3 wave pattern across the Northern hemisphere.
  8. Looking at the pressure chart for that time,not quite a split,but very stretched all the same.
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