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  1. Nice heavy frost for the start of winter here making it feel very seasonal.
  2. My interest in election day is gathering pace. GFS.. GEFS..
  3. What a chart that would be for the first day of Winter. shaped High as well. Also NH rabbit.
  4. Strong negative anomalies near the UK from day10 ECM and GEFS means,especially for the time of year.
  5. Yes,plenty of drama to end the week according to the 18z.
  6. Some quite potent showers around the NE at the moment,this just looking towards Newcastle about an hour ago.
  7. Reports of hail setting car alarms off just up the road in Consett when the storm first hit and can't say i'm surprised.
  8. Looked scary for a while,thought something silly was going to happen!
  9. Very black to south now and still constant thunder getting nearer.
  10. Constant thunder from that cell approaching now,could be a belter.
  11. Can hear thunder from the cell to my SW. White echoes on radar!
  12. Latest GFS showing 3 to 4 inches of rain across the area within the next couple of days,so warnings could well be upgraded.
  13. Couple of pics of a storm which passed just West of me heading to Northumberland,could hear regular thunder even from that distance.
  14. Some really impressive and rapid convection going on up here in the NE at the moment.
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