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  1. Look to be on course for a record breaking negative AO October this year,which is shown nicely by the 500mb anomaly for the first half. Strongly negative AO October's seem to lead on to "rather interesting" winter's,so maybe the OPI can get a second bite of the cherry? The two strongest -ve AO October's on record so far are 2009 and 2012 which were followed by winter's which would put the forum server on red alert.
  2. Nice to be on the fence so early this year... Couple of ECM day 10's..
  3. Impressive day 10 anomaly from ECM this evening,more used to seeing a huge swathe of orange over Eastern Europe this time of year rather than a sea of blue...
  4. Black hole anomaly season starting early this year. Another chance for the OPI (October pattern index) this year? ECM day 8..
  5. That was a cracker of a storm in the early hours this morning,with somre very close lightning strikes followed by instant thunder and loss of power for about an hour! Radar image for about 3am.
  6. Just started raining here but T&L lacking at the moment. Thunder a bit more regular now with a fair bit of distant lightning.
  7. Looks quite sizeable on latest satellite.
  8. Yes,can see occasional flashes to the South-West now.
  9. Going to be a close call from that storm for Western parts of the region at least.
  10. Plenty of humdinger's formed along that front stretching down towards the bay of Biscay. An interesting evening and night to come.
  11. Latest output for Christmas.
  12. Sure is a big mutha on satellite. Enjoy.
  13. Yes,that TS certainly not doing us any favours on the 06z around day 10 by driving heights towards Greenland,and adds insult to injury by the end of the run!
  14. Yes,certainly a case of bad timing for the breakdown this weekend. Looking further afield,quite a persistent area of low heights over the Arctic at the moment and for the medium term,which looks rather out of place for the time of year.