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  1. Good agreement between the GEFS and ECM ensemble mean for lower heights around the Arctic/Greenland area than we have seen for quite some time as mid-May approaches. The UK is still stuck in a trough at that timescale,but with some minor tweaking,some genuine warmth could be achieved.
  2. Yeah,UKMO surely blown a fuse with its 12z output,especially when compared with GFS at just 72 hrs.
  3. The Lerwick short range 06z gefs really plummeting as we head towards May as yet more Arctic air heads our way. I suppose the NH will re-arrange itself eventually in favour of some warmer weather.
  4. Certainly not from the overnight ECM with a strong signal for height rises to the NW,the GEFS has similar ideas but not such a strong signal.
  5. Was a case of perfect timing for the Redcar snow,with those heavy showers hitting first thing in the morning. Lots of snow on the moors up near Waskerly today as well.
  6. I have a really bad case of the Coldplay's at the moment. The CD refuses to leave the car under any circumstances.
  7. A very impressive Northerly for winter,but this is exceptional for April with -13--14 uppers by tomorrow morning.
  8. Crazy cold gefs member of the day goes to lucky 7,which almosts gets to the -20
  9. Yes,low dew-points a good test of how potent a Northerly really is,and the one coming up gets an A+.
  10. The pub run is a belter,and has the northerly getting down to North Africa.
  11. The UKMO 12z harpoon's the Arctic blast at just 96hrs with a small LP which splits the High in two preventing full retrogression,unlike the GFS which is clean as a whistle. Lets see if the ECM agrees.
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