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  1. Still light snow falling here with a couple of inches lying and could be very icy first thing in the morning.
  2. Aye,starting to settle on grassed areas now.
  3. Yes,quite heavy snow at the moment,although lots of standing water around from todasy's deluge.
  4. Moderate snow here at the moment with a thin covering on all surfaces.
  5. Thin slushy covering of snow on some surfaces here this morning.
  6. Got a light hail shower here now.
  7. Snowing here now,got a slushy covering.
  8. It must be a bank holiday weekend.
  9. Easter looking increasingly "interesting"
  10. Yes,have had a couple of light snow showers in the last hour or so.
  11. GFS seems bullish about some more fun and games for Easter.
  12. Drove up to Consett about 2pm and temp dropped to -3 in a heavy shower!
  13. Had a big flash of lightning about 20 minutes ago as well as some quite large hail Blizzard conditions now!