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  1. Rain turned to snow here this afternoon and was quite heavy for a while although struggled to settle.
  2. East Anglian Mountain Torque. Another hairs-breadth SSW at day 9 from testerday's ECM.
  3. Quite surprised to see a light covering of snow here this morning after yesterday's rain-fest. Looks like a more persistent band gradually working its way towards us from the South.
  4. Band of snow (hopefully!) approaching the NE coast now.
  5. Decent proper snow shower here at the moment giving a light covering.
  6. Had some light hail showers here over the last hour,so at least its a start.
  7. That's a beauty of a HP wedge north of the UK at day 6 from this evening's ECM and is even more of a belter when compared to yesterday's 12z for the same time. today..yesterday..
  8. Some impressive blizzard like conditions here around 5.30 this morning,especially with the way this winter is going. The GFS called this one right from about 5 days ago.
  9. Fairly large band of precip.coming into the North of Scotland now which will spread South,affecting our region in the early hours.
  10. Very icy around here tonight with the remnants of today's snow showers still lingering.
  11. Very icy here this morning with a dusting of hail from an overnight shower.
  12. Had some wet snow in the showers here in tha last hour.