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  1. Got freezing drizzle here,layer of ice on windscreen.
  2. Certainly feels bitter today with the wind.
  3. The fun looks to start about 5pm tomorrow,although i'll take snow over freezing rain! The Christmas period and beyond is looking very interesting as well.
  4. Not bad anomalies for the first day of Winter.
  5. Day 6 UKMO looks wintry for the SE.
  6. Nice to see "black hole" season is upon us already.
  7. I expected some snow falling today in showers but not to give this much covering. Some shocked faces around these parts this morning!
  8. Was just wondering if they had done any gritting or not. Doesn't look like it!
  9. This is impressive for the end of October! About an inch covering now.
  10. Heavy snow here at the minute,amd covering everything. An early start this year!
  11. Some very beefy looking showers heading our way from the NE for later on in the night as the wind swings round. Hail,thunder,rain and snow likely from these.
  12. That would be acceptable. Whoah! just noticed all the new emotes.
  13. Over 5 inches of rain in just over a day!
  14. Quite an active storm moving through here at the moment.
  15. That storm approaching from the SE is immense.