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  1. Yes,heck of a shower blowing through at the moment with snow,hail and a rumble of thunder.
  2. Looks like a decent snow event for Northern England at day 5 on the 12z ECM,
  3. Quite incredible weather these last few days despite a slight frost first thing. London has hit the magical 70F today.
  4. Looks like the Polar Vortex is going into"Die Hard with a vengeance"mode.
  5. "cold to the left of me,freezing to the right....here i am,stuck in the middle with ..phew!
  6. Got a few flakes coming down now as P-M's shower approaches.
  7. Yes,impressive cloud now incoming.Looking like a good night.
  8. Already -11 in parts of Scotland. https://www.xcweather.co.uk/
  9. Cracking little snow shower here at the moment and everything already covered.
  10. Yes,looking good now for some North sea showers thursday night into friday. Hopefully they can deliver more than yesterday's travesty.
  11. Light snow here now but will probably struggle to settle.
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