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  1. thanks for making us aware
  2. can we get an update on when we expect more stuff to come out on ukv and v8 beta so we don't just sit and wait and wonder when the next sample of stuff comes out?
  3. when is the next part of the beta come out?
  4. So it says one of the next charts are going to be convective cloud top. Is that the cloud top height overall? If not what is it
  5. try using bing browser
  6. when will the iOS version of the app be released its been well over a year when it was said it was in beta and be out soon
  7. The ukv isn’t updating at the moment. It says the last run was 09z Tuesday
  8. I have problems with a blank gap between each frame with v7 and v8 radar it looks horrendous whenever the animation exceeds 4hrs. It’s severely annoying and I’m on pc btw. Works fine on iOS.
  9. I would like to see more colour scheme choices on the radar. And maybe a smooth option even though its not necessary. on my pc when ever its animating for more than 4hrs at very fast to ultra fast speed, there's like blank gap between each frame which I find annoying.
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