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  1. Will the smoothing feature be available for weather type?
  2. are you able to screenshot on where you delete the location because i am unsure on where you are talking about?
  3. how do i delete a virtual weather station location, like how do i delete a location ( not hiding the location) ?
  4. You know the UKV overlays on the V8. like lets say i want the wind overlay, would that be updated every hour, so if i check the radar at 12:30 would that chart overlay be for 1pm or 12pm?
  5. the only small small change which needs to be fixed is the location toggle button is tiny on IOS . needs to be a little larger.
  6. You might want to think about extending the scale to 400mm/hr.
  7. Wow that would be a great addition. What is getting added onto UKV next?
  8. any thoughts on adding ukv Skew t charts?
  9. is there anymore ukv stuff coming out?. been a while
  10. I would say the images do load better than before but still crashed while zooming in and out.
  11. i have the same issue too. it crashes zooming in and out and slow to load.
  12. spot the issue today shown on the skew t at noon across central Suffolk. > Dry air in the mid levels are probably the lack of lift as well if preventing any convection to properly develop.
  13. there was a bunch of Lightning detected across North Norfolk but the radar really is showing that deep convection very well. is it cause its elevated convection?
  14. the 18z is already out. I suspect some strong cells possible across eastern Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk around noon.
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