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  1. I wonder when precipitation type will come out. I guess it will never come out.
  2. Still no more news about precipitation type on ukv
  3. ok thanks, are we talking months?
  4. Waiting.... any more news for the next beta release? . I know I am being a bit you know
  5. Do you have an ETA when the precipitation type charts will come to ukv?
  6. when is the next release of stuff for the ukv
  7. its been a while, any more information about the next beta release
  8. sounds good. is that next few days or weeks??
  9. When will precipitation type be out?
  10. thanks for making us aware
  11. can we get an update on when we expect more stuff to come out on ukv and v8 beta so we don't just sit and wait and wonder when the next sample of stuff comes out?
  12. when is the next part of the beta come out?
  13. So it says one of the next charts are going to be convective cloud top. Is that the cloud top height overall? If not what is it
  14. try using bing browser
  15. when will the iOS version of the app be released its been well over a year when it was said it was in beta and be out soon
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