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  1. No matter how we look at the situation, this sustained heat, followed by a potential breakdown of the weather (introduction of low pressure) later next week, will most likely give some places potent storms. From what I speculate the South and South East are over due a plume style event this year. I remember even last year sitting up late into the night watching huge, raised storms as they tracked up from the channel and passed directly over me. Some of the lightening I saw last year was the best I've ever seen. The issue just now is that the air is too warm and dry, with no trigger. However, the current trend shows that the Midlands and North West are seeing most of the action, so again any potential activity may be focused in these regions again. My fingers are crossed.
  2. This structure is looking amazing. Flat bottom, and rising anvil with accas right at the top.
  3. Structure popping up south of Egham, Surrey. Looking promising. Would get photo, but on moving train
  4. It's correct. Absolutely boiling over here, getting 37°C on my phone now.
  5. Please guys, stop taking photos of a few clouds in a blue sky. It means jack all and clogs up the thread. Only post if you have something meaningful related to *severe weather* (hence the thread name). Cloud development is expected when you have moisture and heat. It doesn't mean it will necessarily develop into a storm. There are many more variables that need to be considered.
  6. Lol didn't mean to send sticky note. Original reply: Met office yellow warning for the whole country, i.e. "We don't have a clue." I'm getting frustrated with all this uncertainty. I'm just going to wait and see on the day.
  7. Timings like that don't give me much hope for anything more than just 'thundery showers'. But again, it's still too early to take this as gospel, there's still plenty of room for change.
  8. On my way down to Southampton now. Hopefully I catch something, as everything is looking good. Camera fully charged and ready to go.
  9. Possibly. Was there evidence of rotation in the storm itself, that's generally a way forward in determining a funnel cloud from just some scud. I've seen plenty of scud lowering that look like funnels.
  10. I did say earlier that today's focus would be the Midland/Northamptonshire areas. Timing was off, but close enough ?.
  11. I heard it was a bit disappointing. A family member of mine who was in Bracknell at the time did say there was some thunder, so better than what I got earlier.
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