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  1. Eugene's favourite weather is 9°C, overcast and light rain. Each to his own, I guess.
  2. Much cooler than forecast here with low cloud from the North Sea and drizzle starting up. And, I LOVE IT. My energy is back and it's so refreshing. Hope the sun never comes out.
  3. Gotta say I always hope for a school holiday washout. Hate kids and yobbos, hopefully a wet, cool August will keep the blighters off the streets.
  4. Like to see an accuracy check on this, other official highs in the area were around 28°C. Seems suspect, no ice cream vans parked near by, per chance?
  5. I don't care about high temperatures but I do need the sun, and there's been very little in this month. Again today is stone overcast, cool and damp, like living in a tupperware box.
  6. Absolutely crashed it down with torrential rain in Sheffield in the past half hour, some streets are flooded.
  7. It would be funny if Iceland hit 30°C and we didn't. I think something similar happened around 2008 or so IIRC.
  8. You're the one trying to imply that people have medical problems for not liking the cold. Seems like you're the one being hostile here.
  9. Oh I would take Spokane over UK any day! Snow in winter, sunny and warm/hot in summer!
  10. He does act a bit trollish at times, IIRC he stayed in London one summer when the weather was particularly bad and seems pretty anti-UK anyway. He also says how crap British food is so he's one of those types, perhaps a bit, um, biased. I read that Seattle vs London thread in which he posted and he says he'd prefer it to be sunnier and warmer in summer. Then people tease him about the rainy weather there in winter.
  11. Interestingly, a Seattle vs. London climate thread was created on this large international weather forum: https://www.city-data.com/forum/weather/2273052-battle-climates-london-vs-seattle.html Seattle was voted the superior climate by 71 votes to 37. Mostly US members on there, although many from other parts of the world as well.
  12. This comes down to personal preference, like I say for people who like sunnier warmer summers Seattle is better. If you don't, London would be better, certainly less sunny and a little cooler. Personally I'd like a lot more thunderstorms than either place has to offer. Paris has a more interesting summer than London or Seattle if you want thunderstorms. According to Parisian members of the forum I'm on they've had about 5-10 days with thunder already this June while 0 here.
  13. Oh they do, the UK forumers try and get back at the Seattle guy in winter, although I'd still personally accept a rainier winter if I get paid back with a nicer summer. It depends which season and which type of weather is more important to you.
  14. Seattle has almost half the rain days in July-August and half the rain June-August. That's nearly twice as dry as London. Each summer month is also 1-1.5°C warmer maximum temperatures. So those also sell it higher than London too.
  15. You need to compare like-for-like averages, first off, here are the 1981-2010 averages for both places: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seattle#Climate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London#Climate So the nights have basically no difference at all, and Seattle has maxes in at least 1-1.5°C warmer in every month, a lot more sun (50% more), and less rain in summer. Summers there are much better for people who like consistent sunnier, settled drier weather, such as myself. I lived in London from 1991-2003 FWIW.
  16. He only mocks the UK's summers I should have said. Seattle has considerably drier, milder and sunnier summers than anywhere in the UK. The rest of the year is pretty lousy though. You also have to remember that Seattle is only considered dull compared to the rest of the contiguous United States - even though it is still sunnier than anywhere in the UK - it has 2100 hours of sun a year. That would seem very sunny compared to London and especially where I live in Sheffield.
  17. It is annually but I was talking about summers (and the guy in Seattle mostly laughs at our summers). I'd prefer a Seattle summer than a London one and London has the best summer in the UK for temps.
  18. I know one guy who lives in Seattle, he mocks the UK's climates regularly. Then again Seattle has warmer summers than London (at least max temperatures) and a lot more consistent sun and dry weather. It has a Csb (warm summer Med) type climate.
  19. 100% this. I'm a member of an international weather forum and the UK's weather is a constant source of derision from US members. People living in places like Florida, Phoenix, and North Carolina are constantly referring to the UK's climate as a "failed erection" and similar sayings, and other US folk much prefer the four season climates with regular snow and thunderstorms that they get. One guy quotes my end of month summaries here in Yorkshire and usually says something like "what kind of Mickey Mouse summers do you GET in the UK?". 80-90°F is basically normal to people in the US, and not too hot at all. I don't think there's a single US member on the site who would even consider moving to the UK for the weather.
  20. I wasn't referring to you in particular moaning about dry weather after two days. And yeah, cold AND dry is about the worst combination for a spring month. If it had been mild and dry there would have been little problem, after the very wet winter. Most laughably sad thing about this spell of weather for me is that I can barely get my INDOOR temps above 20°C let alone the outside temperature getting anywhere near to it. Bugger me sideways.
  21. It definitely has the worst summers of any majorly populated place in the world IMO. Even Scandinavia has considerably drier, sunnier and reliably warmer summers at least where most of the major cities are located. I'd even think about living in Stockholm or even Helsinki over stinking blighted Blighty these days.
  22. Some start moaning about dry weather before it even gets close to causing problems growing things. Water table's really full now still even though April was dry. So much rain over winter (more than 50% above average), we're not exactly crying out for it. Anyway I have no problem with rain, if it's from showers or thunderstorms, but I hate cold frontal rain. Also I like many others post from the POV of a weather enthusiast. So I like seeing dry periods and wet periods, for the interest. So it causes some people problems. Well that's not my fault. A weather enthusiast is going to enjoy extremes in weather. Doesn't mean they enjoy the problems it causes others. IMo though why bother inhabiting these dreary, cloudy rainy islands in the first place. Barely fit for human habitation, in my opinion. Garbage climate.
  23. The amount of rain foamers on here who go mad after two dry days is a lot more funny. I personally moan about the cold, but I'd much rather the rain would be from something interesting like thunderstorms.... not useless, boring cold frontal mush.
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