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  1. I haven't seen any fog this month because I am usually asleep in bed when fog forms.
  2. Here are my Microsoft Excel averages so far, for October 2019: and here is October 2018: Q1. In which of these examples, are the average maximum temperatures more homogeneous? Q2. In which of these examples, are the average maximum temperatures overall cooler? @Ed Stone, who likes all the posts calling me out about so called inappropriate use of the word homogeneous, you could have a go at answering question No.1, in particular. Now hopefully, you know what the word means as well.
  3. I already know the average temperatures for my location from years of records but thank you for coming up with an (albeit incorrect) answer. Actual averages:
  4. Not a good effort RE: the maths since you have given a basic median whereas I have the full daily range of highs from which a mean temperature has been calculated which yields a higher resolution of detail than simply taking the lowest and highest number to produce an average.
  5. We're running a bit below that actually, due to a higher preponderance of below than above average temps, regardless, the lack of variation seen this month, which is smaller than typical, is suitable justification for the usage of the word homogeneous. Talk of what is very cold or not is a matter of one's opinion so I'm not going to get into arguments about whether a normal October feels very cold or not. As it's not really relevant except to the person who finds it to feel that way even if others don't understand it. Just as I don't understand those who feels 18 degrees to be very hot.
  6. No contradiction, I suggest you look up "homogeneous" in the dictionary. Never mind, I'm a nice person so I'll do it for you. It means: adjective 1. of the same kind; alike. Notice, I also said "a very cold day (by my standards) again". Most days this month have been below average, and the range of temperatures this month, has been very small, as compared with, for example, last October, which saw maximum temperatures varying between 22 and 5 degrees. This month, has seen highs between just 11 and 16, hence "homogeneous". Hope it makes sense
  7. Very cold day again, and unlike the sunny forecast it went overcast quickly as daylight appeared. October 2019 has by far and away been the most boring month in my 12 years of weather records. No warm periods, nothing interesting, either frontal rain, drizzle or overcast and some of the most homogeneous temperatures possible in this country. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  8. A chilly, cloudy day with occasional drizzle. 13:39: 10.9°C
  9. I always wanted to see an actual BSOD in funny places well this one was very relevant, the Stansted express wasn't much better either.
  10. Cold and dry is ok if it's sunny, but rarely is it ever the case. I remember such a period i early January 2010.
  11. The winter of 2012-2013 was interesting, but autumn 2012 was just consistently cold and boring. But while a lot of snow is interesting, otherwise from that I'd rather it be mild and sunny (a rare weather type in winter). Most of all this year I hope it's a dry winter after the deluge of this autumn and the wet summer.
  12. Yup more or less gone straight into November this Cocktober, this autumn has certainly been a real far cry from any other in recent history, with unremitting cloud, gloom, rain and chilly temperatures whereas places only some 200 miles south have basked in 25 degrees. Last time I remember such a boringly dreadful cold autumn was 2012. What a snoozefest that was, just like this one.
  13. Like I said there's a typo in there where I meant last 4 weeks not months. Secondly I have lived in a hilly part of Northern England and it was worse as per average, but when I talk about "worst" I'm comparing it to the normals of where I live at the time. Even so TBH I still can't remember such a dreadful mid Sep-mid Oct period even in that former location, but then I'm not that old either.
  14. Yep, it's autumn, it's cold and wet, and gloomy as 'eck outside, and I'm gonna moan and whinge to my heart's content in the appropriately titled thread as the rot sets it for the next 6 months.
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