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  1. I wasn't referring to you in particular moaning about dry weather after two days. And yeah, cold AND dry is about the worst combination for a spring month. If it had been mild and dry there would have been little problem, after the very wet winter. Most laughably sad thing about this spell of weather for me is that I can barely get my INDOOR temps above 20°C let alone the outside temperature getting anywhere near to it. Bugger me sideways.
  2. It definitely has the worst summers of any majorly populated place in the world IMO. Even Scandinavia has considerably drier, sunnier and reliably warmer summers at least where most of the major cities are located. I'd even think about living in Stockholm or even Helsinki over stinking blighted Blighty these days.
  3. Some start moaning about dry weather before it even gets close to causing problems growing things. Water table's really full now still even though April was dry. So much rain over winter (more than 50% above average), we're not exactly crying out for it. Anyway I have no problem with rain, if it's from showers or thunderstorms, but I hate cold frontal rain. Also I like many others post from the POV of a weather enthusiast. So I like seeing dry periods and wet periods, for the interest. So it causes some people problems. Well that's not my fault. A weather enthusiast is going to enjoy
  4. The amount of rain foamers on here who go mad after two dry days is a lot more funny. I personally moan about the cold, but I'd much rather the rain would be from something interesting like thunderstorms.... not useless, boring cold frontal mush.
  5. This "spring" is the most disgusting mouldy pile of dung I've encountered probably since 2013. What a joke. I am glad things like this are fairly rare overall, at least. This rubbish is the reason why Easyjet is so successful. Thank God for the aeroplane.
  6. This month is like an unfolding nightmare scenario in waking life.
  7. It will be the cloudiest, coldest and wettest summer on record.
  8. Last summer was also the dullest on record at Weston Park weather station, Sheffield in over 140 years of records. The last 10 months here has basically been drivel.
  9. I know the majority of netweather members are obviously enjoying it but this weather is complete and utter scum IMO. The kind of crap that gives this country its horrid reputation as being a cold, bleak, grim place with no sun and endless rain (even if it doesn't accumulate much). No blasted wonder EasyJet and Ryanair are such popular booming airlines, based in the British Isles no less.
  10. This is the plague of the northern English climate as well, the default pattern in spring/summer in fact - stable but humid air causing cumulus clouds to form and spread into a layer of stratocrapulus that makes for a cold and cloudy afternoon. It's particularly common with northerlies however, which is why I call them Boretherlies. Southerlies never seem to have this problem with cloud, usually making for much sunnier afternoons.
  11. What's the chances this month could be the coldest April on record? Needs to come in below 5.7°C here, which was 1986. I reckon it's possible especially with the dire outlook.
  12. My Golly. What a complete and utter failed erection this Gaypril is turning out to be. I think anyone with enough of a brain would much rather enjoy the frequent exciting electrical storms and other-wise spring like weather in the USA than "northern blocking" and damp, chilly overcast 7°C non-weather at this time of year. If you're a real weather enthuesiast, that is.
  13. 23.0°C in Sheffield, nice end to March but a cold April on the way, which will be a reality check, mind you April can often be a very cold month in the UK. The last two were very mild so this might provide a bit of balance.
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