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  1. Despite my fears, today has been just fine. Reached 26.9°C but with a strong breeze keeping it comfortable. Also the sun is far weaker here than in France two weeks ago!
  2. 15:43 26.1°C, 57% humidity. Oh boi we now have the second hottest day of the year here. Well good thing I have some juicy refreshing watermelon at hand.
  3. I will be very angry if Scotland gets all the storms yet again, as I haven't seen a storm in 3 years and counting. They seem to have had loads already reading around the convective threads in the last few months.
  4. On the other hand, it's been cloudy here for almost an hour now, thank God. Temps dropping.
  5. Good start to the heatwave here. Cloud amounts much higher than forecast and temps dropping quickly down through 23C. It is 2 degrees below the forecast for this time according to the Met Office. Good. Hopefully all the temps of the next few days will also be lower than forecast, like today.
  6. Seems reasonable to me. Here the forecast says 27/28°C, and you are further west, nearer to the cold front on thursday, and will have more cloud.
  7. 12:50PM 24.0°C, 61%, mostly sunny. Could be quite warm if the sun stays out!
  8. 15:44 20.9°C, 60% humidity, heavy low cloud. Well it never reached the originally forecast 23 degrees today, and it's very dull and gloomy. Not complaining though, feels quite refreshing.
  9. 12:25 20.0°C with 64% humidity, overcast. Very gloomy today, didn't realise it would be so cloudy.
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