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  1. Cooler than forecast here not complaining though but it would be nice to have had some sunshine!
  2. Late... but never mind, my last guess was very wrong. Anyway I'll go with 13.5°C. The "warm spell" to get evaporated out of existence bar the SE corner end of week, then the second half will be the coldest second half to any August in recorded history. Rain = 129mm.
  3. Well it felt a bit like summer today, some warmth but mostly a refreshing breeze, and still much cooler than what most people in the world have to put up with in summer.
  4. 13:08 20.7°C, 68% humidity, overcast. It's not going to reach 26 degrees
  5. The average maximum here in Sheffield will be the coldest since July 1988. It hasn't been as wet as that month though, but certainly the worst since 2012.
  6. Sea winds and urban wind flow disturbances (affected by buildings etc..). Yesterday was a windy day anyway, similar things happened here in Sheffield where one particular road was like a bleedin' wind tunnel, and someone's tossed aside takeaway wrappings blew into me at 100 miles an hour.
  7. Well this July was a load of rubbish. Funny that it might end with 30 degrees after being one of the worst in my life. One hot day then another cold wet Orgasm-dust no doubt?
  8. Well this is a disappointment - no lightning anywhere in the UK at the moment according to lightningmaps.com. This will be the first July for years without thunder at all.
  9. I took a break from the weather for a week or so under the hopes things would start to improve and boy was I wrong. We're still 3.5°C below average max temps here and no improvements at all, just more cold, windy, grey, drizzly rubbish every day. This summer is the one that will inspire me to finally move to France. Nothing more to say. I have found this month to be worse than July 2012 as well locally, and about as bad as July 2007 - yes this month has not been "wet", but it has been exceptionally cloudy, and much colder than 2012. The constant dullness does a number on my brain chemicals, I am actually getting summer SAD not due to heat and sun but the constant gloom and cold weather. August will stink too by the looks of it so as far as I'm concerned this year has had no summer. Spring was spring, good as it was. Summer never started here.
  10. Well it's no surprise that the cheap package holiday/budget/charter airline industry basically originated in the UK/Ireland.. wonder what the reason could be? The non-summers maybe!
  11. No hsyteria from me. I'm merely pointing out that there is an issue with certain models not getting a handle on this Azores high situation very well. I've seen this all month where we had decent weather anticipated on every forecast service I've seen deteriorate into some abysmally poor conditions. Maybe not in London, but look at the rest of the country - our coldest start to July in more than 30 years, and entire month's rain already. It's no ordinary NW/SE split. So nobody's attacking Matt here, simply rebutting his comments earlier to I Remember Atlantic. Anyway everyone carry on...
  12. Well I don't mean it as a personal attack rather more it becomes annoying when the anticipated conditions fail to materialise. There needs to be some acknowledgement that the models really are struggling in this period so far with this set up.
  13. I have recorded the weather for 14 years, and this July has locally been WORSE so far than July 2007 and 2012, according to those (though that may not be the case by the end of the month however) and we already had more than our entire month's rainfall this July already? No flooding yet but I could easily see it happening if we get a lot more rain this month.
  14. To be fair you've been posting the same types of charts showing an Azores high nudging the south coast of England and these annoying GIFS with "I'll drink to that" since the 1st July and every single time it's eroded into cold, wet mulch for most of the country. I think it's clear some of these models struggle with anticipating the extent that the jetstream and low pressure systems manage to work in from the west if that keeps on happening.
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