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  1. Had three nice cool crisp sunny days in a row here, can't complain about those.
  2. I'll be even more unpopular with this post but: Best: 2015-2016, 2006-2007 Worst: 2009-2010 and 2010-2011
  3. I remember some vastly milder Januaries than this one. I lived in Lincoln during January 2007, and we had highs of 12-14°C for almost the entire first 3 weeks! This month is nothing like that kind of level. Still disappointing for coldies but not exceptionally mild.
  4. If it's me you're referring to... just trying to say that we all feel certain temperatures differently and don't need to be insulted for it, that's all. It is honestly a bit mindless when people are so self centric as to think everyone should feel the same as they do. We don't. Let's all let everyone enjoy what they want.
  5. Well at 20°C it's more weird to wear a coat sure, unless you live in Florida, of course. These people sound like the ones who didn't look at the forecast, but 20 degrees C is highly unusual in February, of course, so I think on that one occasion they could be forgiven for not looking at the forecast!
  6. Not feeling cold to you. I'll reply because it's a public forum. Yes, sunny 10°C is cold, to me, and coat weather. Doesn't make me a "snowflake" or a wuss, or anything else, just someone with different temperature tolerances. And I used to live at 1,000ft AMSL during December 2010, no problems at all, I just put on more layers and a scarf and gloves. No problem whatsoever If you don't like your comments challenged, perhaps it's you who shouldn't be posting on a forum, not me.
  7. Yet when we see coldies suffer in 20°C "heat" that's not being a "snowflake". My God. Here's some advice: If you see someone wearing clothes you wouldn't wear just because you have a different temperature preference, just ignore it and go about your way instead of trying to make yourself feel better by putting people down. And happy new year.
  8. Today really is the day of the coldies isn't it? Sounds like people are just bitter because they're not getting the cold icy winter of their wet dreams. I mean come on, you have to be feeling pretty crap to be insulting people over their temperature preferences.
  9. Well, a really mild day, today was not. After all the forecasting of low teens this late weekend/early week, we have been scraping around 8°C all day, only 1 degree or so above average. I expect tomorrow will be no better.
  10. January - typical cold/grey/boring rubbish, nothing of note. February - a lovely month, especially in the second half. Lovely springlike weather March - Dreadful stormy/wet first half, second half was OK though April - First half sucked second half OK May - Non-descript with no interesting temperatures, and even some very cold wet days. June - complete rubbish except a couple of days in the second half. July - A typical average month for temps but very wet due to numerous downpours in the second half. Record broke but otherwise nothing interesting. August - Not much happened. September - OK til the last third then it didn't stop raining. October - Very cold, and rained constantly, 2.5 times the normal rainfall November - Wettest on record here with 3 times the normal rainfall. Very cold as well. Never stopped raining. Horrific beyond words. December - average so far. Overall it looked like it could have been a dryish year til all those summer downpours and then of course that horrifically wet autumn which was in fact the wettest on record locally. There was no snow at all in any winter month. I'd say the bad outweighed the good. I won't remember it with much interest.
  11. My guesses for the year. Month/Avg Min/Avg Max/Rain/Sun Jan: 6 / 10 / 150 / 25 Feb: 5 / 12 / 220 / 40 Mar: 7 / 13 / 190 / 75 Apr: 5 / 15 / 70 / 125 May: 6 / 15 / 120 / 155 Jun: 9 / 17 / 160 / 110 July: 12 / 19 / 300 / 90 Aug: 11 / 17 / 450 / 75 Sep: 10 / 19 / 110 / 130 Oct: 10 / 16 / 240 / 50 Nov: 8 / 12 / 350 / 5 Dec: 7 / 8 / 500 / 2
  12. I would like absolutely no snow at the christmas period, yes, there's a selfish interest, due to travelling around that time, and also the fact it will affect others travelling. Plenty of time in Jan+Feb for snow!
  13. Because I'm bored of winter and am thinking of storms thought I'd revive this thread. TBH I've never experienced a scary or bad thunderstorm in the UK (despite living in the SE). I did experience an electrical storm with constant strobing lightning in July 1999 in Windsor though, which was very impressive. The scariest storm I experienced was in early August 1999 in central France. Frequent close CG lightning (possibly positive) at night which was terrifically loud. It blew up the power for miles around and a light bulb went whizzing across the room in one of the bedrooms due to lightning. I've honestly experienced nothing close to that storm in fear factor terms in the UK. It was horrifically loud.
  14. After the incredible amount of rain this autumn (500mm+ here) I'd take anything which has a massive 1040hpa high slap bang over the top of the UK.
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