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  1. You were just saving time doing your workout and having a shower too!! 🤣
  2. Yeah I noticed that simililarly with the rain doing a direction shift just before it calmed down. I also have a flooded drive right by the backdoor that I have to do a wide step over!
  3. Yeah I'm hearing those in Stoke again, although more distant sounding and less rattle
  4. Oh my we've already had multiple rounds here mate, it'll more like Round 4, can hear thunder again even though I'm crashing on the floor tonight on the cool tiles as I'm way too hot in bed 🤣
  5. Still watching this beaut as it veers away from Stoke into the other areas, still producing lightening, albeit not as constant with a few thunder rumbles still to be heard Will see what I can do with recording tomorrow.
  6. At least lightning maps is representing about 50% of the strikes I'm seeing. Which is good, but this storm tonight has been literally the BEST I've seen since the late 90s? og it's insane how much lightening is going off here still!!! And just as I type this another close positive CG!!! Need underwear change soon!!
  7. I was hanging out the window and nearly dropped my phone when that one popped!!!!
  8. WOW just had positive CG hit really close and it just shook the house in between all this Intra and normal CG!! Just took a 5 min recording just before that strike and the heavy rain, will get it uploaded tomorrow here
  9. Oh boy I think Stoke is in for round two there's two independent light shows and the southern one is getting closer!!!! The one north of us still showing too!!!!
  10. Gotta say, even for being storm adjacent (clipped with it being further to the west just of Stoke) This is by far the most memorable storm for just absolute constant lightening and an utter constant distant roar and rumbling of thunder, save for those closer CGs! It's been a cpl of hours from when first saw it in distance when it was in Shrewsbury, and it's still mental now! Best storm I've known! And I'm not technically directly under it, just clipped on the side!
  11. Do you still have heavy rain/hail there? The rain started here, heavy at first but now just turned to normal rain. Thunder sounds a lot closer with more regular CG's
  12. Must be absolutely amazing view from up on the peak District moor there!!!!
  13. That CG just made me jump!!! What a beaut!! Counted multiple pulses!!!!
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