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  1. Ah, well like I said it was just a single flash and just some distant rumbling of thunder, you didn't really miss much
  2. Can I just ask did you catch the singular lightning flash with a long delay before the rumble of thunder just before the rain started? I was in the back garden and it caught me by suprise!
  3. Ooh, I wish that Round 2 stuff at Stafford would hurry up, im very sleepy now!
  4. I think I remember that storm it was a late Sunday Afternoon and it was playing utter havoc with the then NEW Digital TV reception if i recall. Sorry to hear those around you don't appreciate the wonders of nature as much as we do!
  5. Hmm, could be but it might be another hour away or so, and I can feel the tiredness setting in now the air from outside feels somewhat cooler
  6. Do feel sorry for those who've missed out - looks like Rutland got the shaft and I think Norfolk has missed out, though hopeefully the band in Suffolk will go that way.
  7. Aye, I cant remember the exact year, but I was definitely lot younger, where I still lived here but I remember seeing multiple storms going off in different directions, one strike resembling the filament of an incandescent bulb across the sky very vividly. Must have been early noughties or late nineties, just cant recall!
  8. This is amazing! Not seen and heard anything like this for well over a decade!
  9. Yup, I can see it! Definitely just heard thunder then. Lol, sorry didn't realise you were in bed before hehe
  10. I can't tell from the maps if the stuff coming from the South or the stuff coming from shropshire way is going to hit us first. It looks like its creeping eastwards slightly towards us in Stoke, and as i'm typing this im sure I just heard very faint distant thunder!
  11. Been seeing lightning a lot longer than that here mate (distant, elevated stuff mind), thought you'd see a good'un if you're up on the hill in Norton!
  12. Needs to come bit more east to Stoke, still not heard anything yet, just seen stuff
  13. I can see that stuff from here, it's gone crazy!! Hope it's good!
  14. Looking to my west, I can see elevated lightning coming from that cell in Wrexham, Distant, but visible, with clear skies above me in Stoke!
  15. I really feel for you buddy, I noticed on lightningmaps how there were strikes hitting south of Sheffield, coming towards you, then over the city they stop. Only for them to reappear and hit north of the city. Definitely must say there's something about the Sheffield Storm Shield for sure...
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