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  1. Well if it goes, I might not be here to see it, depends which day! To miss it (if it happens) would be, well, annoying lol.
  2. They have the North Wales resorts at 17 °C on Saturday afternoon, now that's what I call disappointing ,with all this talk of 30s and above further SE.
  3. 18 in the North Wales lowlands, 35 in Kent!
  4. There's a lot of rain around next weekend on the 18Z GFS Op run, especially but not only in the west. High temperatures in the SE aren't much use for those who won't be there especially if the HP turns out to be too far north and where it's rainy. Let's wait a few days before we get too excited.
  5. That trough and likely thundery low is back though! Not so good for the outlook and I need the week to be dry!
  6. Clear blue skies to my south and overhead, heavy convective clouds to my north up to about 60 degrees angle from the surface, high clouds moving in from the west, and a mere 23 ° C with a pleasant breeze. @lettice you are having one of those fabulous cloudless coastal days by the look of it.
  7. The 36.6°C maximum at Benson seems exceptional too, could be a station record does anyone know more?
  8. 20.1°C here at 01:20 - it's been creeping up (in a clear sky) since 11:20 when it was 19.8. The increasse started with the onset of a light NE breeze from the direction of London 60 miles away.
  9. Maximum temperature here yesterday on the VP2 was 26.5 °C and I thought it must be wrong based on the available UK station data yesterday - but I see this morning that Fleetlands heliport on the Fareham/Gosport boundary had the UK's highest official temperature at 26.1 °C. As it's alongside Fareham Creek and I'm not, I reckon I genuinely beat them. Just. Back in the day, in yesterday's mainly sunny light northerly, the UK max would have been at the now defunct Solent MRSC of course, I could never beat them in these conditions. Minimum this morning looks like it will be 15.7 °C and a fine morning it is, with sunny intervals already.
  10. Even though it was still 22°C at midnight here yesterday, dropping to 19 just before 6 am, it managed to peak at 23.2°C at 8:33 am in some morning sun! After that, it was downhill all the way... oh and no measurable rain yesterday, unlike this morning's 7.4mm!
  11. I do indeed! I deliberately located it on the maps 2 or 3 streets away from my actual address, can't remember why, but just so you know! And I can't move it without setting it up as a new station, so I won't. And yes, as mentioned above I had a record 24h minimum 19.4 and equal record maximum (any month) 31.8. The midnight 'rain' passed over here without incident - just a few spots of rain that never made it from the funnel into the measuring cylinder lol. Currently a stifling 20.8 and 76% RH with zero wind.
  12. Midnight temperature 22.0C here, last night's minimum was 19.4 which, is the highest I have recorded since at least 2013. Also equalled my highest maximum yesterday, 31.8. And the rain approaches from the south, it will be interesting to see what it does to the temperature.
  13. Grrrr! Looks like today's maximum equals my previous record (post 2013) of 31.8°C so I have STILL failed to reach the magical 32 degrees! Albeit technically still half a degree C below 90F. Now down to 30.8.
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