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  1. It's nearby now, the odd flash within 5 miles or so, not much rain yet though: from video in the pitch dark so out of focus, still!
  2. C-C fork lightning just seen slightly to my SE, with thunder. This may be a better attempt than that first band of fizzly out rain, we shall see.
  3. The rain band is weakening as it moves across the coast here in the Solent area, this often happoens in similar setups. A mere 0.2 to less than 0.4mm in over half an hour since it started, I think the radar is over-egging it and even then we are going 'green' already.
  4. Sheet lightning seen to my east just now, and the rain has just started here. The only flash showing up that way on blitzortung is just south of Brighton, it could have been that I guess.
  5. Well any rain in that line of light showers moving north over the Hampshire coast just now all evaporated before reaching the ground. Not a drop to be seen or felt! Cooler though, a breezy 21.8°C now, nor' easter, 3 degrees down on yesterday at the same time and cloudy.
  6. From Ogimet, the wettest synop station I can see was Luedenscheid: 114.4mm in 24 hours 114.0 in 12 hours 45.0 in 3 hours But... The 12h total reported at 0600 on the 14th. is 30.0mm The 12h total reported at 1800 on the 14th. is 114.0mm. I make that 144mm rain in one 24h period and that's unlikely to have been the wettest spot. And here was me complaining about my 51mm on Monday.
  7. Final daily total here up to midnight was 51.5mm, a new 8 (or more) year daily record and also a new hourly record of 18.2mm between 5pm and 6pm. The latter is from my Davis VP2 which underreads a bit in heavy rain so really, it would be a few mm more. Edit: Have now gone back 12 years, can't find anything as high here. Previous record daily rainfall was as recent as 2nd. October 2020 with 48.6mm.
  8. Another 23.4mm of rain here since my last report this afternoon, including thunder and lightning. Broke my 8 year 'one hour' record, 18.2mm fell between 5pm and 6pm, it's still raining lightly and the total since midnight is up to 48.8mm so my daily record has also gone. Might hit 2 inches by midnight. First time I can recall standing water on my well-drained back lawn and patio. Squelch.
  9. Annoyingly, my Davis has read too low by a millimetre... from the check gauge: 25.4mm ... a good moment to empty it while it's not raining, methinks!
  10. There's an almost insignificant small shower that's been sat over here in Fareham, stationary for the last 90 minutes but it's produced 11mm so far, and with an accumulated 13mm in showers earlier in the day we are up to 24mm so far since midnight. I suspect there is more to come!
  11. Very sad news for Lytton, it's made the news headlines here in the UK too now. I hope they all got out safely, that's far more important than any records.
  12. Remarkable two days here. 26mm rain yesterday after 3pm in my check gauge, another 25mm so far today so that's over 50 mm in 25 hours. And my Davis VP2 decided to block itself this morning so I have to work out how to get a bucketful of rain through the funnel slowly enough to record the true total for the day! I knew I'd need my CocoRAHS one day... again! Anf the day's maximum 24h temperature occurred at midnight, 16.8°C - somewhat different from my pathetic daytime max of 14°C !
  13. Well Friday broke my record highest wind run here (since 2013), my wind speed averages cannot be compared with other stations though as it's a back garden anemometer on a 3 metre pole and turbulence from nearby houses keeps the averages well down. Highest gusts are a better guide here, my record is 43 mph last December and Friday reached a mere 33 mph but I had frequent gusts over 30 mph for a 13 hour period, that's very unusual for this site. So it was overall my windiest day, with wheelie bins sent a-spinning.
  14. Had my record (in 7 years) lowest humidity this afternoon, 22% just after 2:30pm. Max temperature 17.0°C shortly after then.
  15. Well it's the start of my final overnight frost of the cold spell, with a 1pm max of +2.9 and already back down to -0.5°C with the grass at -2.6. I am not expecting any snow whatsoever tomorrow, oh well there's always next year. My main remaining interest is how long that bucket full of solid ice in the back garden will take to melt!
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