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  1. Well I waited and I waited for something interesting to pop up here but apart from a couple of brief showers this morning, we had not a sausage. Just an average reasonably pleasant day really, with a few sunny intervals. Total rain, all this morning, 1.0 mm. Thank goodness I chose not to warn anyone I know about the warning lol.
  2. As I expected in my post last night, despite the forecast for two periods of "heavy overnight rain" from midnight, there was no measurable rain here until 3:30 am and then only a millimetre until 9:30 am. The heavy rain then arrived, 13 mm today so far but currently dry and overcast at 17.0°C. The mins and max since midnight are upside down though, max today is 19.8 at 00:38; minimum so far is 15.8 at 12:48pm!
  3. Temperature here is holding steady at 20°C at 10pm, humid 74% as it's dry and "heavy rain" is forecast on the Met Office site between midnight and 2 am. I just can't see where that's coming from my bet is that it will stay dry for most of the night at least. 22.2°C max today with for the first time in 4 days a lot of high cloud from late afternoon onwards. I have 6 of the last 7 days described simply as "sunny" - it was very enjoyable while it lasted.
  4. Gosport Fleetlands top official temperature in the SE* yesterday (not nationally) at 20.4°C. Reached 20.1 here at the other end of Fareham. Fantastic weather, am expecting another 7 degree early morning though (currently 9). *I'm not sure why Central Southern England is lumped in with the South West here when Government has had it in the south east for decades, and so does the Met Office, seems to be a bit of an anomaly? Should be on its own ideally, but I'm sure there are good reasons for it.
  5. Highest official maximum yesterday was Gosport Fleetlands at 20.9. Here a few miles further west it maxed out at 20.3 and of course, wall to wall sunshine.
  6. It's mostly evaporating. Here the radar shows light rain for the last 90 minutes. Well it did - I just counted 6 small drops in the rain gauge funnel, and none made it to the neck. I'm reluctant to even record it as a trace (midnight end of day) but I suppose I should, lol. EDIT There's a patch of green rain approaching now, that will probably make it to the ground.
  7. Touched 30.2°C at 2pm here then the cloud arrived so that will be the max for today, I think. The wind has backed from north to WNW, still a few sunny intervals holding it up to 28.6. Hottest day of the month here and 3rd. hottest of the year, bah! humbug! I say to anyone who declared the summer a washout 2 weeks ago!
  8. Max 28.6°C here today in west Fareham, so that makes for the BH weekend: 28.0, 29.3, 28.6. Friday's online forecasts for Fareham was: 25, 24, 22 respectively. Not one of the Met Office's or Meteogroup's most stellar efforts!
  9. There is an interesting article about the new UK record temperature at Cambridge University Botanic Garden, on their website. https://www.botanic.cam.ac.uk/cambridge-university-botanic-garden-records-highest-ever-uk-temperature/
  10. The Heathrow max ended up at 33.3°C, which according to the Torro daily extremes page is the highest temperature in the UK since 1942, for the next 17 days (all the date records for that period occurred before 1943). I think St. James's Park is less of a problem than Heathrow and Northolt, because Kew Gardens which IMO is well sited reported 32.3, 32.2, 32.2, 32.0 at its hourly obs from 2pm to 5pm respectively - so the maximum (not reported) may be higher than 32.3 and is close to St. James's hourly max. At 4pm, it was Kew Gardens 32.2, St. James's 32.3, Northolt 32.5, Heathrow 33.1. Heathrow and Northolt in that order are the worst of the Greater London sites, I'd say. Incidentally, Cambridge (NIAB) was 31.9 at 5pm, it would be interesting to see what Cambridge Botanical Garden reported, to increase or allay our suspicions ...
  11. Showers since late morning in north Fareham and here, all missing south Fareham and the Solent coast so far. Just heard a clap of thunder not too far away during the latest short downpour. The extent and heavyness of the showers this far south/east was unforecast yesterday, it was updated late evening IIRC.
  12. Chucked it down here around 9 am, a really heavy and quite prolonged shower, perhaps a trough associated with the front that was in over N France last night. Thought we'd missed most of it after the midnight millimetre and the forecasts didn't give much of a clue as to what was to come several hours later - another 8 mm of it. The rest of the day's been breezy and dry with sunny periods and a 20.0°C maximum - quite a nice afternoon.
  13. To add a bit to this issue raised by Quicksilver1969, yes it's not a simple answer but I recently came across an interesting report on the effect of tree shelterbelts on temperature. In summary it concludes that trees do lower windspeed for a considerable distance downwind, resulting in less mixing which tends to raise daytime maximum temperatures a little, and lower nighttime minima. This would not apply to all sites of course because if you get too close to trees on the south side, the sun is partly obscured and may counteract the otherwise positive anomaly, and at night the negative anomaly may be counteracted if a lot of open sky is obscured by the trees. They also say this: "For dense shelterbelts with little through-flow, winds are reduced greatly near the windbreak, but wind speed fully recovers at about 15 times the height of the trees downwind." Here is the article: Shelter Belts and their Impact on Wind Speed, Solar Radiation, and Air Temperature Inversions Also relevant is the difference between the sites at say Kew Gardens (a good fairly open site IMO) and the Cambridge Botanical Garden (a small and sheltered site with trees AND tall dense hedges i.e. which is far from open). I posted the following comparison image in the Guess the Temperature thread after someone made a not-too-serious remark about Kew Gardens. The image really belongs in here and shows very well the vast difference between the two sites - both are from Google Maps at the same scale. See how easily the Cambridge hedged/treed area (right image) fits onto the Kew open lawn, with a lot of room to spare (the position of the Kew screen is indicated by the small red rectangle) - and how cluttered the surroundings are at Cambridge in comparison. I think Cambridge BG is at least as bad as Brogdale and is probably worse.
  14. True, they probably do. A bit. How much? well judge for yourself, here's a comparison at the same scale from Google maps. The Cambridge so-called 'open area', trees, hedges and allotment plot (blue rectangle), fit nicely onto the Kew Gardens lawn, don't you think?
  15. Thanks for that, so I've been looking for verification of the 388mm reported on North West Today yesterday evening (I recorded it, they posted it on screen). Nothing so far BUT ... Yesterday the BBC website reported: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/localnews/2634194-Whaley Bridge/0 When you add the Cat and Hayfield totals together you get .. 388 mm as reported yesterday. It looks suspiciously like someone in the BBC regional studio has added them together to come up with an inflated figure. The Cat is 5 miles south of the reservoir near the head waters of Todd Brook (Shining Tor) so that's the most likely figure IMO - 210.8 mm is still a heck of a lot in a few days, even so - and it won't be the highest total in the area as rain gauges can't be everywhere..
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