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  1. Hi Deep Snow, yes weather was ok until Ponteland! Where it was sleet by time we hit Belsay it was turning to Snow.. North of Belsay it just got worse... AS we gained height going North it got worse until we were driving in a total blizzard ! Currently here in Rochester we have 2 inches Plus of Snow. And the A68 is totally empty I'm thinking Carter Bar may now be closed! Regards Paul
  2. Just driven home from visiting parents in Hartlepool, roads are clear until you hit Ponteland just North of Newcastle Airport. Once north of Belsay the roads are SNOW covered you cannot see the road edges etc. Anyone living up here knows North Nothumberland doesn't have much in the way of street lights! Several cars are off the sides of the road, lorries unable to get upbanks! My ABS was working overtime going downbank, and the 4x sytem handled going upbank! Finally got home to Rochester near CaterBar... think the A68 into Scotland is now closed.... not seen any traffic North or South on the A68 for some time Now.... AND IT'S STILL SNOWING, dont travel in Northumberland unless you really have to.... PAUL
  3. G4HDS

    Atlantic Storm #6 - Frank

    Personally I'm glad this storm fizzled out! The last two storms up here on the hills in North Northumberland have taken tiles off my roof.... And I'm getting too old to be roof climbing, to replace them. My neighbour's are no longer able to get flood insurance, once in a century events now seem to happen every few weeks. And the weather people are now describing us entering our "Windy Season". I think the media is preparing us bit by bit for the weather extremes each year to become the norn. Regards Paul
  4. G4HDS

    Atlantic Storm #4 Desmond

    Halfway up the side of a hill here in Northumberland, and its the wind thats our real problem! My wx station is recording gusts at 65 Mph. We have lost a couple of tiles earlier on today, but its the constant droning noise that the wind is making thats getting on the familys nerves! The river Rede just below our home is currently 2 Meters Plus above normal, and subject to flood warnings ! Another small river feeding into the River Rede is very close to flooding a neighbours home..... Sooner this storm moves away the better. On a different tack! Since when did we have an official "Stormy Season" Seems like the new buzz word from the Met office Cheers all, and stay safe . Paul.