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  1. Early May looks awful. Not late May and certainly not June from my perspective anyways! If you’d like it cold then I suggest cold showers lol that’s how I get about it. Honestly though that cool breeze we had today made it pleasant. I just think there’s nothing like getting into the Wimbledon and hot weather spirit in summer personally but obviously that’s my preferance
  2. I very much doubt it’s gonna be very wet. It’s false hope anyways for people who want it to be wet. CFS models, which get slated but have recently been very accurate have mid to late May, June and July looking fantastic, August warm and wet, September warm and October relatively warm. A lot has changed since 2007 anyways. That was a once in a generational event. Heatwaves are far more likely than mass floods in the summer nowadays
  3. I’m actually getting 2018 vibes. Just seen a 6 month outlook based on the CFS and it’s roasting, absolutely roasting through May, June and July. August was above average warmth and rain, September was warm and October was warm. They have been quite accurate recently too. Obviously August, September or October are harder to read into but the signs for early summer is that it’s gonna be roasting. I’d say 2018 part 2. As for May I’ll go 13.3 degrees and 61mm please.
  4. Course we go outside to enjoy it. Like I said on a previous post, I have raynauds so unless it’s 10 degrees plus, my hands become unusable and discoloured and it’s extremely painful. I’d like 20 degree weather all year round ideally. I’d prefer a warm winter than a snowy cold one
  5. A fellow Raynauder! Yeah it’s preety painful in cold weather, I can’t even move my hands when it drops below 5 degrees and I’m out for too long. Gloves don’t work either my hand just goes numb, purple and sore. It’s horrid and you can’t really get used to it either so I just hope for warm weather personally or run my hands under the shower or tap to warm them up first, that tends to help them stay warmer for longer though, but yes it’s horrid
  6. I have Raynaud’s phenomenon, my blood vessels constrict in the cold weather and my hands turn pretty weird colours, if I’m out too long my hands turn a reddy purple. I absolutely hate winter because of this, so I’d have to say my favourite weather is the blistering summer heat for sure
  7. Boys and girls I’ve just seen the BCC three month 500 hPa forecast, and oh my goodness if it’s true, and it’s a big if, this summer is gonna be scolding and dry, another hot summer in a row! Who likes hotter and who likes cooler weather here?
  8. It’s been the exact same all the way through. I can count 2 warm days since February. It’s not been a cold weather lovers dream because there’s been no snow and it gets up to 11-12 degrees in the day, but it’s been negatives at night, and not just in the countryside. The heating bills are gonna be through the roof. When you throw in compressions around this time last year we were getting 20 degrees at least for 3-4 days and now we’re getting 12. I’m in my winter coat a lot of the time and there’s a reason it’s a winter coat and not an april coat
  9. RIP to the drier and warmer weather that was predicted even yesterday on the long range forecast
  10. I’ve just seen some Easter weather charts. Good Friday and Easter Saturday looking nice, Easter Sunday and Monday look absolutely rank weather wise, looking at highs of 1 degree in Scotland and 6-7 degrees in most of England and Wales, 8-9 degrees in the south and southeast ?. This “hot spell” we’ve been rumoured for having since mid March is being pushed back further and further I swear. What do you guys think about this weather? It’s genuinely not getting warmer than January and February apart from the odd sunny days
  11. Just the thought of it gets me looking forward to it! Fingers crossed we’re both predicting it right
  12. I agree with this mate. Looks like summer could be thundery from some of the weather charts I’ve seen. Hot and wet. Do you expect early summer to be warm and it to last a while or do you think it’ll take most of June to get kicking but once it does July and August will be good? Today has been warm in Wigan temps of 16 degrees. The forecasts are looking slightly less gloomy for the week as the days go by too. Good signs for sure
  13. I’d hope so too Mark, doesn’t look like good news for this week though. Winter coat back out again for me ?
  14. I was watching a few weather forecasts from this time last year. They are actually rather similar. The week beginning the 9th April had easterly winds following a nicer weekend than the week before. Temperatures were suppressed to high single digits like what is expected this week. Then what is Easter this year (around 20th April) had some very nice weather, before turning cooler again until the beginning of May when the weather improved and we had the hottest May Day bank holiday. Couple this with the 45% chance that the next 3 months will be quite a bit warmer than average, and only 5% chanc
  15. I’m not necessarily expecting below average. Maybe less above average is a better way to put it. However not much above 11 degrees is expected in the north apart from this weekend until Easter. It’s been 2-3 degrees at night. So it will be a rather cool April in my opinion, especially if late April isn’t too particularly warm either
  16. Looking like a pretty chilly April indeed. Wonder how it will be compared to ‘89. Recently we’ve been able to rely on May for some nice weather, hopefully it comes up trumps again
  17. I’m with you lol. Waking up in the morning and going for runs is just a massive pain when it’s 2 degrees but feels like -3 in April for goodness sakes, I’d understand if it was January. I think one thing is for sure in this country now, the second half of the year is much warmer than usual, and the first is cooler (maybe not by overall temperature compared to the average, but not increasing by as much and with quite strong winds at times). Anyways I’m hoping these Easterly winds mean us folk on the West get some decent weather for a little bit
  18. Quite possibly February to May is the new winter as such, more winterly weather than December to February in the last few years
  19. Glad it’s cleared up! I hope we have something like that this year but it’s not looking brilliant so far off the models ive seen. We’ve had a relatively mild year so far however there was a few days where the thermometer didn’t go above 0 degrees, and a few where it went above 15 degrees. All in all it’s not really been too brilliant weather wise and it doesn’t look likely apart from a little spell in mid April. I’m slightly concerned about it. Unsettled summer usually means big floods too
  20. I’d also be extremely disappointed should we have a poor spring and poor summer. From what I seen before, March was the wettest month for a year, breaking a long spell of less than average rainfall. Said spells are supposedly hard to break, indicating an unsettled summer. 2012 is springing to mind already. Supposedly gonna get some nice weather in mid April, but that’s the only long term sight of high pressure. I’m not feeling very optimistic. Might be a rainy and cool one
  21. Ahhhh must have read March 2012 by accident, my apologies mate!
  22. Actually on the met office website it read 23.6 degrees in Aberdeenshire in 2012. It did read 19.7 in 2006 though that is right.
  23. Thanks for the response! As I’ve said I think it’s felt cold just from gut instinct. Certainly feels colder than Winter right now. Is April the month when it usually gets warmer then towards the end? It’s been about 6.5-7 degrees today near Manchester. No sunny skies at all and a quite brisk wind. Add to that the heaviest rain I’ve seen for a while and some hail. I can’t really remember early last year just because of the lovely heatwave. Hopefully it cheers up a bit soon I’ve got a set of shorts that haven’t been worn yet lol. Any indications of the early Summer weather yet? May/June?
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