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  1. I’ve changed my mind on my prediction of the summer. I think it’ll be a very changeable, wet and slightly above average warmth of summer. May tends to be more often than not an indicator, even if there are some exceptions, and May is looking poor for my perspective
  2. As I’ve said in a different thread, May I think will finish below average, first time for over a year a month has been below average
  3. Thanks for that mate, as for the weather I agree, MO 3 month outlook had it 50% hottest category for the next 3 months but it’s weird considering there’s currently no signs of it. Early to Mid May will be below average, wondering if late May will rescue it as it usually does. Late May has been a pre summer for the last few years hopefully comes up trumps again
  4. I always wonder whether I’m classed as up north when weather forecasters talk about it. Do you think they mean up north as in Cumbria and Northumberland or the entirity to the midlands
  5. Seriously starting to think May might be a cooler than average month now
  6. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/binaries/content/assets/metofficegovuk/pdf/business/public-sector/civil-contingency/forecast-temp-mjj-v1.pdf https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/binaries/content/assets/metofficegovuk/pdf/business/public-sector/civil-contingency/forecast-precip-mjj-v1.pdf Here you go mate
  7. New met office outlook is out for the summer. 50% warmest category, 5% coldest. Certainly doesn’t seem like this cold weather is gonna last long then. As for precipitation, slight chance of drier rather than wetter conditions (25% dry, 20% wet)
  8. Massive shift in the models in the last few days I agree. Still a few producing nice weather, but it’s southern plume vs northernly in the majority of them. I’m not gonna predict the weather anymore, because I’m starting to feel like we’ve got every chance of it being cool. I still don’t think it will be a cool May, I think it’ll be above average but the weather models are turning in that direction. Early to Mid May at least looking very changeable
  9. Not horrendously bad, a few burst water pipes and I’m guessing farmers won’t be too happy because the rain was bouncing it down and so might just run off and actually damage the plants they already had. I think we’ll have average maybe even higher than average rainfall for the month here after the start and end of the month
  10. We don’t need much more rain in Wigan, starting to flood already and power cut off!
  11. Few hints that the second week of May will turn unsettled coming out of the GFS Parallel run especially. GFS operational dipping into unsettled and then straight out. Tuesday 7th of May looking like it could be a rough day though according to quite a few models. Looks to be back settled again by that weekend however ?
  12. If a meandering wreck means that I don’t have to have the heating constantly on I’m all for it lol. That’s good news anyway I’ll give it a check now. Honestly this is the worst weather we’ve had since the snow in late January. Worse than most of December and January in terms of just how bitter it is too. Crazy to think it’s May next week you’d think it’s November with the rain and February with the temperatures! Seen some good signs on the Beijing Climate Centre output, looking roasting across June, July and August. Possibly 2 degrees above average. Back to current times though I’m expecting c
  13. Also can confirm it hammered it down here too. Sick of the rain already I can just about put up with it in December and January but not now. I think in Wigan we’ll have a close to average month for rainfall. Hammered it down at the start and ends of the month.
  14. I live in the North West. It’s always us getting the bad weather lol, us or the north east
  15. I think we’ll actually get an average month as far as rain goes. My nearest met office forecast station is Crosby, where there was 50% rainfall before all the rain yesterday and today. If not average at least 80%
  16. The orange line on the sea level pressure ensemble though. Let’s not be hoping for that I’ve put my winter coat away now ?
  17. These outputs are in a right mess aren’t they lol. Literally opposites being forecasted in some
  18. That exactly. This is why our models are so confusing at the moment. Very very mixed signals. Personally I think we’ll end up on the warmer side just due to trends, but I’d say it’s 55/45. Looks like we will only know going into the beginning of next week
  19. The big issue is where that area of low pressure where the U.K. is ends up, a lot of models have it in France and NE Europe, some have it over the U.K. like this. That will decide whether we get warmer and dryer or cooler and wetter
  20. There’s some very conflicting weather going into May Day BH. Most predictions had it as a washout last week, it looks though it being a complete washout might not be true, but some models had it warmer than average and dryer, some have it slightly wetter and cooler. Could really go either way to be honest, just looks as though the really wet weekend will not happen now
  21. I’m not too fussed about the heat wave part. Dry and very warm will do me. If we have a summer 25 degrees day in day out I’d be very happy, but they look much drier than average on the precipitation scales. I do think eventually the high pressure will drag in south eastern winds, as July is starting to show though and if that happens, it’s gonna get really hot. The majority of these models are now suggesting this spell of changeable weather going into early/mid May will be the last spell of unsettled weather for a while now. I’m not banking on it just yet but the signs are pointing that way. I
  22. Welcome mate! Not seen you before. I agree, we were predicted thunderstorms in Wigan today. It hasn’t rained at all never mind a thunderstorm. Friday and Saturday look like a write off though
  23. I’ve thought Saturday looks the worst day this week by far. Looking cold wet windy, all in all just dreadful.
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