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  1. It’s been average, not good, not bad. Warm spells and cool spells. Disappointing compared to previous May’s but nothing remotely out of the ordinary in either aspect. We can’t complain that it’s been good/rubbish when it’s been average.
  2. Massive decline in MO projection since yesterday.
  3. I get what your saying, but isn’t that a bit of a oxymoron? Good but average? It’s been average, not good, not bad. Warm and sunny spells and cool, wet spells. The last bit I agree with, after our last few May’s it’s a big disappointment especially but it’s still not a bad May. I’d love a bit more sun and I’m hoping the last week comes up trumps but it’s not bad by no means, and the CET would be higher if it wasn’t for the chilly nights in the first half.
  4. Hi guys, Some of you might have seen me around before but I’m relatively new to this site and to weather in general. I’ve discovered plenty of things since joining this site and I give my thanks to you all for that. One thing I still don’t understand the concept of is El Niño and La Niña. I get what they are, and I get why they happen, but how do they tend to affect the climate of the U.K.? Are summers wetter or drier, hotter or cooler. Also how do they affect winter? I’ve looked everywhere for a good response for this on the internet and I’ve found nothing that answers my question. So I was wondering if any of you wonderful people could help me out, since El Niño looks to be strengthening currently Thanks a lot!
  5. I’m starting to think this too, Late June, July and Early August rather than May June and July. Also could mean warmer autumn
  6. Very brilliantly fantastically amazing analysis as always . Are you saying you think this summer could be a backloaded one then? With our June being rather like our May of last year (warm spells with unsettled) and then July and August being hot?
  7. Unreal that is. 25c at 2am is unheard of here isn’t it?
  8. I remember that too, crazy night wasn’t it? July usually has a hot spell though lasting a few days that is a usual certainty that’s my point. To be fair there’s been updates today and the Northern Blocking has slackened down and a SE wind is said to be rising, which is brill news if true, also it’s not looking as bad going into June as was predicted so hopefully the models move in our favour
  9. I realised this after I’d posted, thanks for clearing it up Roger and I’ll check the list next time
  10. Hoping to be the bearer of good news! CFS v2 has backed off from June northern blocking indicating a south easterly wind and high pressure over Germany stretching to the UK. Definitely looking much better than what was being shown before, the second best thing after the fact it’s Friday today lol
  11. The next week looks nice I think. All change come next Friday on these said models but fingers crossed HP can hold on for a while as I don’t want my winter coat out in the Summer it’ll get worn out and I’m skint
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