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  1. Longer term , the main difference between the gfs 6z and the 12z , is the 6z weakens the block to our East , where 12z keeps it 1055mb .The longer we can keep that block to our East , the more time we will have for low pressure systems to dig South East and get an eventual retrogression .
  2. Going back to this , As I think what the Models have done is what I spotted on Friday . Them uppers are really building to our South now and any Southerly flow will draw them closer .I am leaning towards a Warm start to May now , let's just hope some Warmer weather get's here in time for the bank holiday .
  3. Sorry Frosty , although I am a fan of your comments , especially in Winter , all I am seeing is the same thing that has happened with Cold shots all winter , it is getting more and more Watered down , and High pressure is moving in from the West. Only good thing I can see is that another Cold spell that could rapidly end up being another hot and Sunny spell , which at this time of year is good, The 6z is starting to look much more like ECM in the reliable .
  4. Well the GFS continues this morning , with what can only be described as the Coldest Northerly for at least a year , and it now creeps further into High Res .Snow even for the South from some of the GFS charts this morning , if it comes off quite a spell for late April..
  5. Ww have had more than 1 failed easterly this season from all models
  6. Well it is looking like this settled spell is now coming to an end , but I have to say for us in the South West it has been the Coldest spell of the Winter so far , Max temps of around 4-7 deg and Fog lasting most of the day . We got one nice day , last Sunday and that was that , Fog and cloud ever since , The difference was sometimes over 15 deg between South East England and South West. Going by current charts , we need better ones than are currently on show to see any meaningful Snow South of the MIdlands , and am also mindful that the P/V energy is still very strong and imagine the Pattern
  7. There is still a fair few ensemble members wanting to bring Colder air in as early as the 15th , I expected them to lessen by now, but if anything signal getting stronger ... Would enjoy the next 5 days as any longer will be a bonus, but needless to say no support for the Warm weather to carry on past 10 days .
  8. Massive dip in the 850's on the GFS Ensembles from Mid Month , many reaching the -10 line again, Remember Northerly's and Easterly's are more common in March / April , so a chance of some late Snow may still be a possibility this year .
  9. Well no comments on the Models , Can see why , settled spell not looking as good this morning , with both GFS and ECM bringing back unsettled conditions. Usually the case as soon as the METO update changes , so do the Models.
  10. I wish the Gem would come on side, It is still insisting this settled spell isn't done and dusted
  11. Well have a good feeling about it , 3 months is plenty of time for PV domination , time for a change ... Would love to live in the Midlands over the next few weeks .
  12. Yes you could almost be mistaken for thinking a Cold outbreak is round the corner .. Will check the CFS in a minute to see what it thinks ... Hope this doesn't turn into Euro's V GFS as IMO Euro's look much better from a Cold point of view. Maybe we can still squeeze 1 more wide spread Snow chance out of this Winter , it is just about possible under the right conditions.
  13. Well IMO UKMO and ECM have taken the Colder route, and first week of March looking quite Wintry compared to recent weeks ...
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