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  1. Just a quick note to finish. The battery terminals were very dirty. So I got my diamond contact cleaner on them and all is well now. Method : - I took the unit down and black taped the solar panel to stop it charging the cap. Cleaned the contacts and fitted the battery and reset it. The outside display came up in a few seconds. I then put it back up on its pole and started to put the ladder away. Next, I put the ladder up against the flat roof again and took the unit down , good game, good game. Next I took the blasted black tape off of the solar panel and put the
  2. I hope that if I can get me bum out of bed early enough in the morning that I can get up on the roof, get the unit down and inside early enough before the sun (?) gets chance to activate the display and check out those bits you have kindly pointed out? I am a retired IBM hardware service eng so I have a big enough hammer to get to most bits (only kidding, it's only a small hammer?) But seriously, I should be able to get in if needed and sort and bad contacts or broken wires. I will let you know how I get on? And thank you again for your help. It is appreciated.
  3. Mapantz, my apologies for not saying sooner, but I must have had a 'senior moment' (brain cell fade). I have now corrected the north/south problem and changed the vane setting and it now reads correctly, or as near as makes no difference. Thank you. Still left with the no external readings until the sun gets around to shining on the solar panel. I am under the impression that as I have now put 2 new batteries in it isn't duff batteries and that I have put them in correctly. The capacitor has obviously charged up through the day as we still have the external data displayed here at 23.
  4. Another pub and 2 blokes walked in. One a little bloke and the other a 6'6" giant who went and sat down. The little bloke went to the bar and ordered 2 pints, one for him and one for Donkey. This went on for a few more rounds and eventually it was Donkey's round and the barman asked him why the hel, him being a giant, let a little squirt call him Donkey?" Donkey replied "I dunnow, eeeaww eeeaww eeeaww ee always calls me that"
  5. Or about the bloke who walked into a pub with his pet giraffe. He ordered a pint for himself and one for his giraffe. This went on for ???? pints and suddenly the giraffe fell over dead drunk and dead to the world. The bloke then lost his temper and said that it was the last time eh cerried him home and started walking out of the door yelling "damm you you can make yer own dammed way home" The barman was up in arms and said to the bloke "where are you going?" "Home and that thing can make his own way!" The barman then said "you can't leave that lyin there!" T
  6. Did you hear about the dyslexic pimp who bought a warehouse?
  7. The morning after I had fitted the second replacement battery, a Duracell, and about 7.30 this morning the outside displays were blank once again. I have checked the battery date, 2029, and the voltage of the other in the pack, 2.28V and now I am a little concerned that there is another problem?
  8. That is what I thought it would be and I have had a play to see what happened. I have just replaced the battery and it turns out the battery I have just fitted is duff. Those 'lovely' people at Amazon have just delivered a couple of new batteries so I will change them shortly and go through t he setup. Thank you again for your help. I will let you know the results.
  9. Thank you for the prompt reply M. Hoe do I go about finding the 'offset'? I have found the calibration page of the wind direction, but nothing mentions an offset? Please excuse me for being thick. It may have something to do with my age 🙄
  10. A couple of year back we moved into our new, to us, place near Malmesbury, Wilts. I eventually got arround to setting up my Davis Vantage Vue only to find out that the wind direction was 180º out of kilter. It's mounted on the gable end above a flat roof and I decided that I would put up with it until the wonderful non rechargable battery needed changing. It came around for the battery change and over the last weekend and while I had the pole down I checked the direction orientation of the vane on the shaft. As far as I can see there is only one way that the vane will fit and that is with
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