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  1. Can’t wait to meet all tour 4 people , getting pretty close now watching the weather in USA daily now , never far from my thoughts .... no doubt I,ll get hooked and be an annual event from now on ....
  2. I'm flying out from Edinburgh to JFK then Denver by 4.30pm on the 7th look forward to meeting all , I'm a chase virgin buy been gliding for 40 years so love playing with the clouds ... see you all there ..... moby390 AKA Richard , my email addy if anyone want to hook up is [email protected]
  3. Hi all joined tour 4 2019 look forward to meeting you all in june 

    1. Paul


      Welcome to the community 🙂 

  4. Hi all Moby390 here AKA Richard 58yr old going on 21 Glider pilot and weather watcher , just booked up for Tour 4 2019 , thought i would say Hi, I',m a massive fan of stormchase video and TV coverage etc etc so looking forward to the trip. Any pre-trip advice on stuff to bring or not to bring would be appreciated as well as any other friendly tips so i get the most out of my first chase tour . 

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    2. Moby390


      weve got 70 mph winds and thunder and lightning forcast in Central Scotland this eve so might get out for a practice at taking open lens long exposure shots ... could be fun if the sleet showers stop and i can stay on my feet..

    3. Moby390


      Just sitting watching the lightning strikes heading towards Oklahoma at present on Blitzortung , getting very excited by the prospect of actually being over there close up... cant wait.

    4. Crashlanding


      kit list going on the forum very soon!

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