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  1. Pete J

    Tour 4

    Just a quick question...in terms of coordinating pick up on Saturday, do we just ring the number we’ve been given? Me and my brother are staying the Hyatt House which is only across the way. Wasn’t sure what the exact protocols/timings were. Cheers, pete
  2. Pete J

    Tour 4

    Moment of panic this end. I booked parking for us and thought I'd picked the wrong terminal
  3. Pete J

    Tour 4

    Greetings Gee. We're also on the 14:40 (Friday) LHR to DEN (Iberia (via BA) flight 7407). But I've got it as leaving from Terminal 3 - that the same flight? PS We're staying at the Hyatt House, which I think is just across the way from the pick-up hotel. PPS thanks for the kit list heads-up. I think we had most of that stuff already but some useful suggestions for additional things.
  4. Pete J

    Tour 4

    Hi all, fellow Tour 4 member here. I’m Pete, and I’ll be accompanying my brother, Chris, who’s been wanting to do a Storm Chasing holiday for about 20 years and now has the time and money to do it. PS Trying to upload a profile pic but website failing me. Probably just as well - some of you may have just had your lunch. looking forward to seeing some weather.
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