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  1. Well summer is definitely here, blue skys for the last few days and quite warm in the sun now. The sunsets have been beautiful recently, photos courtesy of a family member last night. Enjoy the weather
  2. My understanding is that you need the warm waters as that is what forms these polar lows as it is the temperature gradient that fuels the low. the warmer they are the better is my understanding for polar lows. Unless I have it totally wrong which I may have.
  3. according to the radar I should have had 2 hours of moderate to heavy snow when in fact I have barely seen a flake
  4. unbelievable, no snow here again. How it manages to miss here I will never know
  5. Me Like the latest ECM for Saturday. Hopefully the Ayrshire folk can get some snow. Got countless flurries ver the last 4 days but that was about it
  6. BFTE in 2018 was a once in a lifetime event for most. extremely rare for the uppers and the time of year it occurred. it has only just begun though and plenty of time for things to develop. No point saying tame at the moment, was always forecasted to start properly for most tomorrow. Today was predominantly snow for folk further north
  7. if I can get any snow I will be pleased, looks more likely next weekend. ECM has some decent snow as a front struggles to get here. not expecting any showers here so I can hopefully get a nice suprise. Anyone wanna make a bold prediction that I will see snow?
  8. The thing with snow depth charts s they often overplay snow depths in frontal situations but underplay convective massively. Therefore it may even it out in this situation. Even if it is out most places in southeast England will see a fair bit I think. Sadly unlikely I will, as my area doesn't do well in these setups. Enjoy everyone
  9. I am not expecting anything from this easterly, so to not get my hopes up. If I get some then I will be super happy. Easterlies usually don't deliver for here. Looking forward to all the snow pics though, enjoy
  10. what we have here at the moment is what I would constitute a sleety mess, doesn't know if I wants to snow fully or be rain. one minute it is snowing the next raining.
  11. The ECM is the main run, the mean is the average basically of all 51 ensemble member runs. It basically gives an idea of the average overall pattern. check out the learning and research part on netweather. A lot of useful stuff on there
  12. Snow needs to be much heavier to lay here, but at least it is snowing
  13. Snowing here now, been very sleety but turning more to snow
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