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  1. Scotland has turned into spain for the evening, as much as I would have loved a storm overhead. Nice to see it from a distance sometimes, with a clear sky above. Glad a lot of us got storms and hopefully not too much damage in Edinburgh as those looked intense and the way it kept reloading at the south meant it lasted for so long.
  2. Just seen a meteor just above some massive lightning, one of the most amazing experiences
  3. Constant flashing to east and stars above haha
  4. if I am seeing so many flashes to the east and northeast many miles away then it must be intense 🤣
  5. lightning seen from ayr to the north and north east, no showers very odd elevated storms
  6. you are in for a treat, best lightning show in Scotland I have seen and the best thing is that it wasn't expected
  7. this is crazy, fair to say very unexpected constant rumbling and lot of beautiful fork lightning. lovely 😊
  8. Some really stunning lightning, storms have developed from nothing an hour ago. Beginning to see some lightning from the south
  9. Just had an atomic bomb sounding positive strike ???
  10. Stunning lightning display from ayr beach
  11. it is 30 where I am in Scotland, and Scotland on average gets lot less lightning than England. check the met office lightning statistics
  12. no idea what it is with south Ayrshire but we seem to always be one of the hottest places in Scotland during these setups, anyone know why?
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