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  1. massive 3 bolts of lightning here, large hail storm in Ayr
  2. Another thunderstorm here though quite a bit smaller than the one a few days ago, very localised 3 bits of lightning and thunder with some torrential rain. no sign of lightning on radar though which is strange.
  3. A very large swathe of south Ayrshire is flooded to some degree, quite a few RTCs, Ayrshire daily news on Facebook has lots of photos and info on the flooding
  4. yeah I will thanks, quite a lot of reports of some bad flooding in Ayrshire and the a77 again. unsurprising really as the rain was so bad
  5. I don't ever post on here but ill make an exception for this, I was a mile outside of ayr and without question the most intense storm I have ever seen here. the lightning was frequent but the rain was just torrential. it had some very nice structure but the quality on my phone isn't good enough for decent photos. The power keeps going off for periods with every lightning strike and it's still going.
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