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  1. I'm a complete novice to all of this, and I know that the Express is just a joke of a forecasting paper, but surely the good people at NetWeather would never allow rubbish like this to be published with their name on it?? (have to admit, I would love to see a real chart with that amount of cold aimed at us!) Original article: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1081520/uk-weather-forecast-snow-news-uk-met-office-bbc-radar-map-today-cold-warning
  2. Total newbie, 1st post, so play nice! Started following this forum at the start of the year as I was curious as to the affects of the recent SSW, hoping for a repeat of last year. Boy did I not know what I was in for!! I feel like a crackhead on a rollercoaster trying to shoot up.......... serious hit and miss!! On a serious note, I have learnt much from all of you, the serious guys, the rampers, the nay-sayers and everyone inbetween. Reading the brilliant,witty posts has become almost as addictive as waiting for the runs to reveal the next "potential" (+10 days out....obviously!) My knowledge has increased massively following this forum, even if I am now further away from being close to understanding anything............. definitely enjoying the ride! Question 1: Does this forum switch to the Southern Hemisphere when Spring arrives? Question 2: "Cold Hunt - Models and Chat" Is it me, or does this forum name have a totally different meaning in Cockney Rhyming Slang??? Cheers.
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