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  1. Mr Calneee has just done the same & says car is reading -6. Is anyone able to point me in the direction of where I can go for more accurate local temps than our car & phone apps?
  2. Beautiful day here yesterday. Although the side streets around here are treacherous, the main roads to Chippenham by car were fine. Managed to get to the pub & back with a chippy tea by avoiding the pavements & walking down the middle of the of the roads. Still lots of snow around but yesterday’s partial thaw means it’s an ice rink out there this morning, phone app says -5 & the backdoor key is frozen in the lock!
  3. For those granted an unexpected snow day by the weather gods, I hope you’ve all had a brilliant time. We’re 1 sledge down, the kids are cold, wet & hungry but still out playing & Mr Frosty is still looking good as the final flakes fall from the sky. Have been following this forum for nearly 2yrs & would have joined up earlier during the Beast from the East if it were not for having to have our beloved 12yr old dog put to sleep literally just as the 1st flakes began to fall. My heart wasn’t in it then Fast forward nearly a year now, we have a new pup to enjoy the snow & make memories with. I won’t pretend I know much about the weather models or be able to participate much in that side of the discussion but I’m a kid at heart when it comes to weather like snow & thunderstorms & look forward to sharing what’s happening in my location & A GIN/WINE/BEER on occasions with you all... I’m not fussy! Promise not to talk so much all the time too ~haha~ but can’t believe Calne was in the sweet spot again this time (Had given up hope & gone to bed well early yesterday after a day of radar/forum/app watching and literally 1/2hr later...BOOM!) To future weather watching with you all... Cheers
  4. Car window screens have started freezing & snow sticking. Temp must be starting to drop. Winds dropped. 50p flakes falling straight
  5. Not stopped snowing all day. Heavy snow again now. No access to back garden anymore as snow has fallen off of conservatory roof blocking back door. The pup’s not happy #snowedin 061FAC55-1CA6-4F2C-997C-A8FAC10AE043.MOV
  6. Thanks. All taken on my IPhone (6plus) Quick update: It’s still snowing, we’re one sledge down, the pup’s still out playing, hubbys been sent home to work & we may have opened the snow apocalypse Stella
  7. 50p sized pieces falling now (You can hear my pup in the background clawing at the door to get back out in it) C85B364F-C947-414A-833C-D50D877A784C.MOV
  8. Used to just get nodded in at the age of 14 with a ‘don’t cause any trouble!’ My hubby on the other hand could tell some stories
  9. Definitely don’t think it’s going to hang around as long. Can hear the drip, drips even though it’s still falling. Off thread but I grew up in Yate during the 80s & 90s & enjoyed your stories of Spirals yesterday
  10. Snow still falling... our little pup loves it! 8B6DB59A-925D-4756-9D9D-059A5EDA91AC.MOV
  11. Nearly up to 7inches now on the garden bench. Flakes are getting smaller & sky tv has decided to come back on
  12. Agree. Much more snow than from the Beast... & it’s still falling! My little town is going to disappear
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