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  1. Just popping by to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Hope you’ve all enjoyed some ‘cracking’ if rather chilly picnics/BBQS with family & friends this weekend
  2. I took the dog out about 2hrs ago to meet the daughter on her way home and the breeze felt warm. Can’t believe we’re going to go back to cold temps in couple of days. Doesn’t seem fair!
  3. Feel like such a fool. I took my eye off the weather ball & allowed myself to get excited about having the family over for a BBQ this weekend (1st time since Christmas) Planted up some baskets of strawberry & tomato plants to make the garden look pretty & now all my plant babies are going to die aren’t they?!
  4. My little town has been without power for most of the day. Apparently a transmitter was brought down in Corsham and ended up causing disruption from there to some parts of Swindon, possibly as far as Reading. I actually ended up following huge generators on my way home from work from Lyneham and have since heard they’ve been dotted all around the north side of town to supply power. Can confirm it all sounds rather windy again whilst lying in bed
  5. Thanks for this. I’ve a 2yr old lemon tree (grown from a gin drinking session) just sitting on a windowsill taking up space in the utility. Have brought it a little plastic greenhouse to keep the worst off of it but ideally would like it to the risk of frost to have passed before I stick it out.
  6. Been a beautiful day to be driving around north wilts today (for my job) & was able to make a quick stop off at Bowden Hill, Lacock for lunch. You must be able to see 50+ miles W/SW from up there. I did wonder if any of you were getting any little flurries from these lovelies
  7. Correct me if I’m wrong (I’ve tried looking for your post to quote) but didn’t you throw in the towel yesterday and declare you’d be back next winter?
  8. I know. It always seems to break up or skirt around those hills unless we’re extremely lucky
  9. Typical. Within 30secs of leaving home, I was driving through the heaviest graupel shower yet Still heavy in Wootton Bassett
  10. Love the smell of line dried washing It’s frustrating isn’t it. The skies have gone much darker here now but I’m watching it break up over the hills on the radar. More frustratingly is I have to go to work in a min so can’t enjoy it if it does!
  11. Woke up to bright blue skies & dandruff. Nothing settled on the ground overnight. Just took the dog for a walk along our part of the Wansdyke Path where you can see for miles. Didn’t meet a single soul apart from a friendly robin. Could see no patches of snow not even up on the hills but the ground is frozen & puddles are thick, thick ice. Turned around after a couple of miles as the sky was turning dark & the wind in exposed areas is
  12. Taken this from @danm in the SE thread. Is it anything for us to get hopeful about? I won’t pretend like I know what it means
  13. Off topic but do you mean these? I’ve noticed them recently too, have tried Googling but can’t find anything. Anyone else know?
  14. So I learnt a new word today... graupel! I’m under that Swindon streamer & am having graupel showers varying in intensity. Just took the dog for a walk over the gallops (near Avebury) and can confirm the ground is frozen & the wind could indeed ‘freeze the b***s of a brass monkey’ lol!! Would be lovely to get some proper snowfall on top of it. Fingers crossed
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