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  1. Ok thanks really interesting, ta Yes I think scud is what it is. Here is an earlier still of it forming (the sky lit up by lightning) I think the low cloud could maybe the trees?
  2. Just going through some stills of video footage taken towards the end of the storm last night. Not managed to capture anything exciting other than 1 tiny fork of lightning but does anyone know what this tube like shape thing is at the end of a cloud?
  3. Seems to have picked up intensity around us again. Heavy rain, constant thunder & flashes of lightening, sons plane is heading towards Manchester! Thank goodness we don’t have school tomorrow! Cannot remember a more prolonged/surreal episode of storm. Looking forward to editing all my footage. Well worth staying up for
  4. Maybe next summer we can do a house swap! So much footage to go through, kids are all awake now, so might not get it on until tomorrow
  5. Can anyone tell me how this might affect the flights into Birmingham airport within the next hr please? Our son is due to land
  6. Still going here. Can hear heavy thunder now & constant flashes of lightening. Had the briefest of heavy downpour. Think I’m going to get double whammed by what’s coming up through Salisbury. Me & dog have come in from the garden & watching it through conservatory roof now ok, even I’m not that brave. Gone into the house now!BoomMy windows shook!
  7. It’s a weird feeling sitting outside this time of day in this country & it being so warm watching a lightning show with no noise
  8. Good choice to go outside! Lots of light flashes in the distance from where I’m sat. No rain though & cant hear no thunder.
  9. Gonna go & sit outside for a while then, not like I’m going to get much sleep! Currently camped downstairs as too hot upstairs & hubby sleeps with winter tog duvet?? & the dogs currently hogging all my sleeping bag
  10. Not a fan of the oppressive weather but MO app keeps teasing me with lightning symbols so may stay awake for a few more hrs to see if we get anything. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a good thunderstorm & but feel like a terrible parent wishing for one as our eldest son is due to land at Birmingham airport in the very early hrs & obviously want him to have a safe flight.
  11. Not that far away from you Andy & whilst out giving the garden a water, spotted a rainbow just in 1 cloud. Lasted about 5mins before it disappeared again. Not a fan of how muggy it is but my chillies are loving it!
  12. Gone quite dark here all of sudden. Checked radar but can’t see any precip. Heard a rumble & it made me jump out of my skin. It was the neighbour dragging her bin in! Feeling muggy, grey skies, 20.1C 83%H
  13. 15.6C & raining. 6mm in the last hr apparently. Disappointed not to have been woken by thunderstorms but after today it looks quite pleasant. I’ll take pleasant as have a couple of big jobs that need doing in the garden.
  14. Ok thank you all, will definitely have a look around. That Lyneham Station feels more accurate, I’d be miserable & melting at 26C in this humidity & it doesn’t feel that hot & yes the temperature difference is about 3-4C which is considerably considering its only up the road (adds weather station to Christmas list...)
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