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  1. Ugh! This would be awful reminds me of my early years living in Penzance, Cornwall drizzle and mild and gross!?
  2. I've noticed this too. Didn't get much this time but last beast from the east we had loads down here in Poole. Always seems to take so much to get any down here though, which is a bit annoying
  3. Oh well, it was worth a try. Still snowing moderately at times but not really settling
  4. Wow! Please blow some of it to Poole and Bournemouth. Snowing lightly here but hoping for something more substantial.?
  5. Hi welcome to the forum looks like you had lots of snow and enjoyed it! I'm new as well but have also followed the forum for years. ?
  6. Just been up on the Heath here in Poole Dorset for one last walk in the snow. Rapid thaw even at the top. Few flakes still blowing around.
  7. I know right! So close, meant to be doing a criminology essay today but this is far too tempting!
  8. Thanks, I'm so jealous of you guys further north but at least we got some. Enjoy it!
  9. Thanks, I realise what I'm getting myself into lol. Hoping for a bit more snow but not too optimistic this far south.
  10. Hi everyone, long time lurker finally deciding to emerge. Been really weird weather down here in Poole, Dorset today, starting with heavy rain that then turned to snow and settled.
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