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  1. Looking towards ditching from Brighton some lovely clouds capes out there, really hoping tomorrow for something closer towards the coast ?
  2. Took this from a Facebook post, looking north from Brighton racecourse
  3. Took this earlier this afternoon, defiantly calm before the storm!! I can only imagine what it’s guna look like tomorrow. Stay safe everyone ???
  4. I’m no where near close to ever being as knowledgeable as yourself or other posters on this forum so no harshness from this I’m dying for a cold spell with snow ? but If winds are originating from an easterly trajectory then we can only hope they will approach London, that’s if of course things are set up favourably for uk cold perspective.
  5. Evening. to my eye the winds haven’t started there progression downwards yet (easterly) so we are yet to see the effects but it looks quite cold to me over Eastern Europe would only need a few days an could be on our shores. that’s of course if things went in coldies favour ?
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