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  1. Some of the best snowy pics I've taken in a long time. A good 8-12cm of lying snow today. Beautiful in the sunshine. Leith Hill, Surrey
  2. Showers moving WNW towards Hayling Island.. What a lot of weird wind eddys there are this eve
  3. IM seeing a new low forming off the coast of Peacehaven. There is definitley a circulation starting. This could well feed some snow up into the M23 region in an hour or so
  4. But its still hammering down there.. Its not really moved as yet
  5. Anyone here from Bracknell or Ascot way ? its still hammering it down there. Wonder how deep it must be there now ?
  6. There'll always be a decent amount of gritting salt to walk in on a nearby road ?
  7. Dew point is still 34F here in Godalming, Kold and the slush is stopping anything settling
  8. Its quite light snow, but ground is wet so no settling going on. Albeit quite a covering of slush puppy (graupel)
  9. How much longer do you expect the East Sussex streamer will feed into the hampshire Low ?
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