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  1. Some of the best snowy pics I've taken in a long time. A good 8-12cm of lying snow today. Beautiful in the sunshine. Leith Hill, Surrey
  2. Showers moving WNW towards Hayling Island.. What a lot of weird wind eddys there are this eve
  3. IM seeing a new low forming off the coast of Peacehaven. There is definitley a circulation starting. This could well feed some snow up into the M23 region in an hour or so
  4. Anyone here from Bracknell or Ascot way ? its still hammering it down there. Wonder how deep it must be there now ?
  5. There'll always be a decent amount of gritting salt to walk in on a nearby road ?
  6. Dew point is still 34F here in Godalming, Kold and the slush is stopping anything settling ?
  7. Its quite light snow, but ground is wet so no settling going on. Albeit quite a covering of slush puppy (graupel)
  8. How much longer do you expect the East Sussex streamer will feed into the hampshire Low ?
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