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  1. In ferndown Dorset can hear fain rumbling in the distance got cloudy winds picked up any ideas where it is coming from
  2. Seems very slow moving is this correct, also what direction is it going in I'm in Dorset ferndown begginer here lol
  3. Dont think it matters looks like the whole south will get hit new cells popping up everywhere
  4. Hi just let you all know im in ferndown dorset and can see distant flashing every few seconds
  5. they are cells deff breaking out and taking a westward shift on blitzourg
  6. I dint think it will head east i think it will head more westward movement it seems to look that way on radar?
  7. hi im in ferndown we may have a chance the radar looks like a small bit is moving left slightly as it grows you never know
  8. http://www.camsecure.co.uk/Camsecure2/bournmouth_pier_webcam.html sky looking out to sea from bournemouth maybe could get something later looking out for lightning later might check the brighton one as well
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