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  1. Forget the bank holiday period folks, feast ya eyes on the bigger picture, the 12z at last bringing a bit of heat.... And if you don't like it, then get out of the kitchen....
  2. Taking a look at the icon 12z run shows some more fine conditions for the next few days, we see a gradual decline in conditions by the bank holiday, but I'm feeling more optimistic of heights gaining a foothold again as we move deeper into next week... Not bad... Especially for more Southern parts of the U.k.
  3. You must give them some credence, because the other day you posted on the model forum to say how bad the met office update is and how a large chunk of summer will be over come mid June!!
  4. I think guys the 6z operational not to bad overall, yes we have a bit more in the way of unsettled conditions bank holiday and early next week, I said last night ECM perhaps would build high pressure beyond day 10....well the 6z brings us under largely high pressure by the latter part of next week, so again we see a rinse, repeat scenario.... Nay bad lads... Nay bad Edit... I think Karl mentioned it also
  5. We be sugar coating it Karl.... The Azores high is coming home soon... Could be a second class delivery service though and not the 1st class recorded delivery service some may want.
  6. Out to day 10 with ECM and still a bit meh. But I think if it ran a few more frames we would see high pressure building in from the SW.. that's the hope anyway.
  7. Karl beat me to it but he's just about right.... As usual... Plenty of settled Conditions especially S/SW areas, things going downhill into the new week with cooler temps and a fair bit of rain in places, especially Northern parts, folk up North are probably sick of hearing this by now.... Sorry chaps...
  8. Thanks for that summer sun... Not all bad then, let's hope it has more success than it did in winter though..
  9. Thanks for that Karl, in all honesty as you will be aware, I'm normally full of positivity, and like you say we have already had some decent spells of weather so far, I have found myself becoming more and more negative reading some of the posts on here... I mentioned it to a friend and they said.... Get a grip.... And it ain't even summer til June 21, and this coming from a novice who knows little about the weather. Thanks again for putting a positive spin on things which you are the master of to be honest. And them charts you have posted are not half bad! It looks like the south could do best which is relatively typical! And to mention long range signals appear to be weak, which basically means we could end up with any type of weather..... For better or worse I may add.. But we have a long summer ahead so let's just try to make the best of it, I'm sure we won't be waiting long for our first significant plume.... Happy days mate
  10. Yet again another negative post, firstly signals are weak, which indicates nobody as a clue! Secondly, it runs to mid June which to my knowledge is not half the summer gone! Buts let's be honest, this is to be expected, because come 1st December with a poor pattern, folks will be calling time on winter.
  11. At last, a level headed post! I mentioned this the other day about a return to more typical kind of conditions, meaning the best of the conditions towards the S/SE. with more unsettled conditions towards the North. You simply can't keep getting countrywide warm and settled spells all the time. And again judging by some of the posts in here this morning, yet again summer is over on the 21st May! All because things aren't has rosey has this time last year! The weather here is yet again warm and sunny, yet Reading some posts on here it's dire! Personally I think it's not been a half bad spring, but it seems others think it's been a write off. I think it's time for some to lower there expectations, or perhaps emigrate to the Costa del sol....
  12. I get that you like HLB and record cold snaps, perhaps one of these days we will get one, but hopefully at the appropriate time of year! And I think we are highly honoured you have at least promised us a Spanish plume or 2...thankyou kind sir not sure about the really cold Arctic though, below is a map of temperatures there last month, and tbh, things haven't changed much since...
  13. ECM looking good for the next week, plenty of settled spring like conditions... Then it goes manic Street preachers with a big cold blast.... Oh well... Should be brief...
  14. I've lost the plot Pete, I was about to post charts from 2012...blumin good job I didn't....
  15. Here is a few snippets of the 12z,some fine conditions around up until Sunday, especially in the southern half, looks a tad more unsettled early next week before high pressure kind of tries to settle things down again... Tbh further down the line is looking mainly settled to the SW and South. Further North is gonna be prone to a bit of crap at times, and that's me sugar coating it!!
  16. Yes indeed Pete, no strong signals, but talk of the Atlantic remaining quite subdued, which would implie, perhaps longer settled spells when they get a foothold! Could we be looking at a more balanced summer this year.. More typical as regards to high pressure bringing plenty of settled Conditions to the south, but more mixed further North!! I can understand those up North being a little peeved with current conditions.... Just stick with it, you will get some decent weather before long..
  17. I think you should read Karl's aka Frosty post above has regards to the 12z mean... Showing signs of big improvement!! So I'm not sure where your getting this dreadful forecast from.... Its relatively simple for us to get double digit temps in winter, so I would have thought struggling to make double digits in june is a little overstated!
  18. Dont worry about GFS at 276hrs guys, check out CFS at 276hrs!!! Ruddy wonderful.... I'm sure CFS used to be a furniture company you no!!!
  19. I can't believe what I'm reading on here... To many folks following computer models....
  20. Good post Mike, I did mention earlier that I thought the 0z ECM was perhaps closer to the mark regarding high pressure, and this is what I felt all along, perhaps high pressure ridging in more than some folk are expecting. This so called showery spell we are supposed to be in right now as brought no measurable rainfall here at all... Like you say, I think things are looking up.
  21. Boom there it is Karl... I told you we would get our Spanish plume, sooner or later....
  22. It May as well be 1044 days away Karl still on a positive note the CFS is consistently showing some cracking summer weather going forward...
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