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    Weights. Pyro, sports betting, especially football, and I'm a bit of a home dj, my styles being hardcore, techno, etc. Also love me cars and doing them up, especially classic MGs
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    Summer heatwaves and electrical storms, and fidgid Arctic type winters

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  1. Nice to see you have your positive head on again mate..perhaps better suited to the moans thread though! It's far to early to even be thinking about how poor things might become! This is becoming deja vu....You heat lovers are throwing in the towel before the season as even began...a bit like some of the coldies do in December!! Things are moving in the right direction if you ask me...and a successful Vaccine program trumps everything!! Plenty to look forward to if you ask me.
  2. Wow some of you Summer chasing guys need to find a little of what us cold lovers find in Winter...PATIENCE!! Its only mid April for crying out loud! Glorious conditions here last few days...clear skies and feeling warm in the sun..cool and crisp at night and great to sleep in! I'm sure your heat will manifest itself in the coming weeks at some stage...it always does! In the mid term still some lovely looking charts that us coldies would be drooling over come December! Have patience Summer camp,you will get your rewards at some point,but don't forget it's still to early,and a positive start doe
  3. What the Hell is going on! I turn my back for a few hours to find everyone is joining the Happy Campers Summer camp! 🤣 Come on coldies let's make some records fall,by recording Snow in April...May and finally June!! There's still.some cold air around....I just won't give in....its my life dream to see falling Snow in May know matter how brief! Join me coldies I'm still up for it...🤣😉 Have a great Weekend and I hope you pick the Aintree winner...ohh and God Bless you Prince Phillip..
  4. Just like the new film.. Godzilla vs Kong...this is Winter v Spring..ding dong let battle.commence...further cold and snow chances for the week ahead as my good man @Allseasons-si points out...could be a suprise or 3 come the weekend...bit of a minor blizzard here earlier which eventually led to to slight covering...thats good going for April...your warmth will come...just not on my watch🤣 20210406_185307.mp4
  5. Cards on the table time folks..The cold looks locked in for the next week or so,but I'm sure you're aware it's getting to the point where only ridiculous cold uppers can deliver at this stage of the year..increasing solar activity putting payed to that! Sooner or later the Hot camp crew are gonna get there wish and chase us out of the building! 🤣 Ok let them have there time in the spotlight....its only fair...everyone should get there fame at some stage of there lives! 😉 But before I part I most definitely think this Winter as bucked the trend of ordinary and at times mild Winter mo
  6. If only it were January I hear you grumble! If I had a quid for everytime those words were spoken 😉 The cold just wants to keep on coming for the next week or so.. Even a chance of Snow showers here today! Nagging icy wind to boot....love it... Keep the faith folks Spring is coming! But not until Summer! 🤣 And some lovely Spring precipitation Graphics.
  7. Firstly let's keep this thread ticking over a little longer Mods 😉 It looks like the Hunt for warm weather could be put back another month at this rate...the Summer search should begin around July! By that point we will be gearing up for the search for early cold thread! 🤣 All I can say is the next week looks very chilly,I'm not expecting much warmer conditions till the final 3rd perhaps early May! Just my opinion,but mother nature appears to be not playing ball so far! Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holidays folks.
  8. Lovely day out there today....but the cold is a knocking...by this time tomorrow!! Hereeeessss jonny! 😉 It's impressive cold without a doubt...-12c upper air temps in places! That should bring a nip to the sensitive regions. Colder shots possible over the next 10 days to 2 weeks...could be later this Month early May before we finally say goodbye to these Arctic shots! But don't folks,they will be back before you can say...Hello SUMMER! Have a great Easter...treat yourselves...I think you deserve it.
  9. All I can say is this! Daffodils your dead! 🤣 I never really liked you anyway sitting there all pretty and colourful! Your attention seekers...end of! 🤣 Quite a shock to the system on the way whatever the duration may be. Brrrr Ps...no harming of Daffodils were made during the production of this post! 🤣
  10. Yes Tams we are all caveman induced coldies on the MOD thread..You can't get blaming us for the fact our ancestors gave us that obnoxious primitive gene! In all honesty I think the place is pretty well tolerated,with many a nice individual,and also plenty of good humour threw in! It's just a case of not taking everything so personal in life...enjoy the moment,and embrace the cold! Its coming for you Tamara....there is no escape! 🤣
  11. Tell you what lads my HQ is going crazy...the radio signals and phone calls are now of the scale for a jump aboard the cold train! Like my great granny always used to say...never put your coat away till May is out of the way Matthew! 🤣 Bring it on,I'm all fired up for this one...let's kick the tyres and light the fires 🙃😉
  12. Matts log day 1,000...was holed up at cold camp all alone through all of Feb and March,and sending out a signal to all cold lovers to join me in ones last chase!! But many of you had deserted by this stage...perhaps sunning yourselves on the parks and beaches!! I only hope you were not responsible for turning the country into a rubbish tip! 😉 This upcoming possibility as been there for some time and does not suprise me one bit. The vortex has behaved so strangely these past few months and many places around Europe have witnessed bizzare and extreme weather events.. we now see the general
  13. We can't brush off that day or 2 of warmth your correct..but likewise we can't brush off a screaming Ntly with possible -10c uppers a few days later! I hope you have your factor 10 ready for that warm and sunny day,but then your factor 20 ready for the freeze up withthe sun reflecting off the snow a few days later!! Bit like a skiing Holiday this 🤣 Amazing sypnotics guys just like the good old days.
  14. And the heat lovers are chasing Heat from April all the way through till August! Typically looking for 35c plus all the time,and if it doesn't come off its considered a disappointing Summer!! Our climate offers something for everybody,so know complaints from me on that score...each to there own,I'm happy for you guys to get a decent Summer as long as next Winter delivers big time!! 😀whatever your fancy,enjoy the chase... The chase is always the fun part,once youve caught it the desire goes...just ask my missus 🤣
  15. We was chasing cold from November! Now some of us are chasing in nearly April! I'm not saying it's been cold throughout....far from it! I'm stating its been a very long chase! Personally I can't see this being much of a Spring for the ones who crave it. Certainly Miles away from the last couple we had,but I'm hopefull of some decent Summer conditions at times,and perhaps this year it being more backloaded for a change. Just in time for the Winter reload.
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