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  1. Awesome temperatures for the Bank Holidays. Low 30s looking a good shout in C/S/SE areas. Fire up the barbys and have a great one. We don't get spoiled to often at this stage of the month...... Blisssss...
  2. Regarding all the quotes for the FV3 this morning!! Should we really be alarmed!! This model as performed atrocious since its release.... Remember all the imaginary cold pools in winter that never came off!! It looks to me this model should have been held back a little longer still. Looking at the the 6z....it is indeed a step towards the ECM again... Bank Holiday looking very promising and also very warm!!! America you make fantastic car engines.... Not so so sure about your weather models though!!
  3. It's not very often we can big up the August Bank Holiday weather in this country... But I have to say this is shaping up to be a peach!!!! One last boom for the summer.... And hopefully many more to come for the winter!!
  4. I'm not seeing this Atlantic onslaught into September! I'm pretty sure exeter are also not seeing it! I'm favouring a settled 1st half... Beyond that.... Who knows...
  5. So the ECM brings summer back! Now it appears the GFS 6z also brings it back.... Along with the heat.... One last hoorahh folks.... Beers and barbys at the ready.... So far so good.
  6. Looking at the big day next week, icon and ECM have a deep low pressure to our W/NW. The icon having it close enough to ruin things in the NW! Both GFS and GEM have high pressure gaining more influence... Still not sure how things are gonna pan out... NW/SE split looks the obvious more sensible call at this stage.... Regardless of what happens, it surely can't be any worse than today.... Downpour after Downpour here... Absolutely ferocious showers!!
  7. Who needs the GFS, when we have the ECM!!! that's a beauty of a run towards the end....
  8. So it's mixed signals from the main models regarding the Bank Holidays! I'm gonna kind of sit on the fence and say a N/S split looks increasingly likely, but I'm still fairly optimistic of more generally wider settled and warmer conditions to develop beyond the Bank Holiday!! But as it stands I will take the GEM at day 8 and frame it.... Its looks pretty good.... So here's hoping for some lovely seaside conditions come the big day.
  9. A lot to be resolved it seems in the coming week. More in the way of settled Conditions away from the NW during the week ahead... The problem is next weekend.... Are we looking at a NE/SE split, or do we see the unsettled conditions spreading further SE! The extended ecm ensembles shows a slight decrease in pressure towards the end of the month... Personally I think the bank holiday maybe a tad mixed.... Especially away from the SE.. At this stage it looks like the real improvement will take place as we move into September! No surprises there then.... Far from a done deal though is next weekend.
  10. Looking at the extended ecm 0z ensembles out to the end of the month.... Sea level pressure coming in at 1020mb,so definitely signs of some settled conditions.... Caution, a fair amount of scatter!! The temperature mean is not suggestive of a major warm up either.... This would do me and a fair few others fine!! Low 20s and relatively cool nights could be a decent call.... Beyond that who knows!!! And hey ho, give me another month and I will be close to getting my winter head on....
  11. Just to show how these models have completely different ideas at day 10...just look at the 0z and 6z at day 10....yes a long way off... But quite some discrepancies either way!
  12. I feel a little uncertainty creeping in on here today!! With Bank Holiday approaching, it's to be expected.. It's a much better ECM mean than the op though... Obviously it could still all go wrong, but has it stands... Not to bad.
  13. The EC46 tonight shows a strong build in pressure next week, perhaps this high pressure remaining a tad to our West.... Moving towards Bank Holiday it's so far so good! Further into September shows pressure building at times towards the SW, but towards mid month, pressure does fall at times, especially further W/NW... Precipitation amounts in more Western and Northwest areas does become quite high at times as well!! This is all along way off and subject to much change though.... Will be interesting to see if Exeter remain with there high pressure dominating start to September, or we see a gradual re wording to more unsettled especially further NW.... Tonight's run to me looks like a classic NW/SE split devoloping, and perhaps more widely unsettled the further we move into the month!!! So let's just wait and see.
  14. Absolute dire day tomorrow, looks like heavy rain for much of the day for a good chunk of England and Wales. From next Tuesday the showers should increasingly become confined to the NW, as pressure builds from the SW... This is potentially a spell that could expand well into September, even Northern areas improving... The EC46 had been suggesting this for a while and now it appears Exeter are on board with a lengthy settled spell.... So very good signs beyond this weekend. How warm is still open for debate, depends on where high pressure locates!! But folks... If warm sunny days and cool misty nights are the order of the day for a 10-14 day period.... Then bring it on I say..
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