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  1. Being as I like a bit of furtune telling, Ive just read the tea bags, and this is what they came up with! All I can say is.... Start topping up your supplies now! Lord have mercy 🤣🤣
  2. Glosea Mike, ain't that the model that forecast a freezing cold blocked winter!! If that's flagging up a hot summer, I am now very worried!
  3. Not so sure about the GFSP, the cold NWly seems to get toppled quickly, early days though, still perhaps some colder enough shots to bring a surprise snowfall or two.
  4. 12z bringing the colder conditions quicker than the 6z 😉
  5. This time last year we had a maximum of 14.2 degrees recorded at Cardiff. So a mild spell was evident before the beast. Keep in mind a low of - 11.7 was recorded in Hampshire on the 28th.
  6. Oh I agree as regards to apps, even the met ones only point to mid teen values. But Yeh, temperature forecasts whether it be cold or mild always fall way short of the mark.
  7. The apps ain't having it, 12-14 degrees at best, obviously cloud cover dependent. Any long sunny breaks and it's possible, stuck under cloud cover all day and the above figures will be closer to the mark.
  8. Mattwolves

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Got to hand it to them, they have been signalling an Easterly for nigh on 3 months now, they deserve credit for their persistence at least! 👍😅
  9. Got to hand it to you Oliver, I thought I was a die hard coldie, but you my friend really do take the top honours for that, I think only frosty has more enthusiasm, fair play to you 😉
  10. Nice to see the tiniest bit of snow row activity appearing at the end!
  11. Lot of straddlers hitting the - 10 mark! I'll take that Feb
  12. Sod the big febuary heatwave, I'm still chasing cold, even if that means I'm alone in doing it! Bring on March, just bring it! 😅
  13. Not a bad ending from the 18z para, much better than the 12s. Let the momentum continue 👍
  14. That's probably possible, I can see several major weather types hitting us in the next several weeks 😉