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  1. Yes, but that was rare, let’s be honest. ? I apologise if I have offended anyone. I can’t help but give my opinions.
  2. The Met Office map clearly disputes that. I am from a northern region and my area receives at least one day of lying snow every winter, even during mild winters. In fact, they have already received 5-6 inches at low levels earlier this week.
  3. Why not? Everyone else in the south of the region has received some form of snow over the last two days. I don't think it is unrealistic for me as a weather enthusiast to have that desire for some snow cover. We are overdue some snow anyway - we haven't seen any snow of any decency since March of last year.
  4. Well there are showers coming in off the North Sea now and they are falling as rain (at 1c), the same thing happened on sunday night. The map highlights North Essex as an area of greater 'days of sleet/snow falling', as I had predicted myself, a moment ago.
  5. We do best with cold Easterlies and North-Easterlies. This set up is too mild.
  6. I think the truth is that Norwich is poorly located for snowfall. 1. Not far from the coast. 2. Juts out past the rest of Britain. 3. Surrounded by sea to the North and East. 4. Flat land and no geographical barriers at the coast to reduce the affects of winds coming in from the North Sea. I think a better location in East Anglia would probably be around Northern Essex. Despite being further south, the land is elevated and it is not located near the coast, so reduced marginal conditions.
  7. Nope pure rain. If there was some sleet mixed in with it, i'd remain faithful but there's not.
  8. Yep. You guessed it, pure rain in Norwich again, at 1c! Think I may go to bed, because this event is doing nothing for me. Pretty sickening to see London getting snow and us pure rain.
  9. I would wait and see. Temps are lower than predicted (1c), and we have seen that London etc has got some unexpected snowfall.
  10. Yeah, I've noticed that. Temp here in Norwich is 0.8c so prime for snow but Euro4 shows temps of +2/3c an rain here overnight, so not sure?
  11. Think we could get some snow here if the precipitation would pep up and become more frequent. Not too far to drop.
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