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  1. The 6z doesn’t look cold or even close to being cold right into FI. What am I missing?
  2. All over, see you next year according to ecm. Thankfully I think GFS has this nailed.
  3. You can’t really use ecm uppers to argue against an outcome on a Met Office fax chart.
  4. Very nice run that for the east especially. Basically this is what we want i.e the mild to have a really good go at getting in, then being pushed back at the last moment. So far we’ve basically either had the cold winning or the Atlantic winning. What we need is a very delicate dance between the two and we could still hit the jackpot yet.
  5. I’ve asked before and never been able to find them. No wonder people post them here instead. Mods - where *is* the correct thread?
  6. You do realise these are just automated garbage? So when we get poor model runs, the apps that are driven by them then turn poor. Some people then see this as the apps confirming what the models have shown when in reality they are just mirroring them.
  7. Fax gives a chance for southern coastal counties on Wednesday night
  8. This is the pick of them at day 8 and 9 - the slider dumps some snow on the south
  9. What has happened to the extra vorticity spreading north westwards. Wasn’t that supposed to pep up the snow and move it nw? The whole lot seems to be shrinking.
  10. Check out the 850s on the day 10 chart. Where does all the cold go? Having seen the synoptics between day 9 and 10 it seems implausible. Would still be freezing cold on the ground though.
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