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  1. Worth pointing out that Icon ? has shown no interest in amplification now for the second run on the bounce ? Hopefully it’s not a trend setter.
  2. UKMO starting to look a bit more interesting imo. Signs of HP building out east and lows sinking southwards with time.
  3. It has been 'it' for quite some time now surely? What a disappointing end to a promising winter, looks like an unsettled and average temp start to march.
  4. Outlier I'm afraid, Gavin has already brought the breaking, bad news.
  5. Starting to look like we could challenge mildest February on record instead of looking for a cold spell.
  6. At this point I'm thinking - does it really mean anything if we do get a good one or not?
  7. It's amazing how often people look at cold charts in the distance and comment on how dry they look. Come the time, disturbances always seem to crop up and deliver snow falls (usually only spotted at 3/4 days out).
  8. That could evolve to something decent from that position.
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