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  1. lightning activity is waning now across most of London, going strong north of London and in East Anglia though
  2. About half an hour ago I was heading north back towards south London straight for the more easterly cell and got a huge CG dead ahead with crackling thunder to follow. Epic!
  3. ok this is 9 days out but looking at ECM 00z and GFS 12z today there could be a low forming in the Bay of Biscay towards the end of the month, throwing up heat, humidity and the potential for the next thundery spell from the south. If the centre of these lows can remain in the Bay of Biscay or slightly further west then any storm events would be much more successful and widespread hopefully, without any Kent Clippers. We shall see how this all pans out!
  4. Ok vent incoming— Ugh, why does everything get sooo hyped up by all the weather forecasters etc and looks promising on the models and then always ends up being a wet mess over London and much of the SE with a small little area of lightning on the coasts. This has happened for nearly 3 years straight with these import events. It’s just so deflating to see this happen again and again I’m longing for something like 26th May 2018 at least these days. Yes there’s another few days of potential but we’ll just have to see.
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