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  1. Woah big crackle out of the cell south of London. Just electrified
  2. Big towers going up to my west (first pic) and south (second pic)
  3. Yeah that’s not gonna get anywhere. I still can’t believe my best storm of the year was on the 6th of June when it was only 14C as the maximum temp yet was possibly one of the most CG lightning focused storms I’ve seen. Must have been serious instability to support that because heat clearly wasn’t a factor
  4. Yep. Im sure tomorrow any storms we get here will be much more potent as the sun will actually be out! The low cloud lingered for about 3 days. Wouldn’t shift
  5. Yep I’m just a couple of miles west of Bromley. Must be the lack of CAPE from daytime heating as the sun only came out for about an hour after that cloud cleared
  6. Not sure if I’m under the new updraft? I can see the secondary updraft from the London cell to my north (very very close) and when I look straight up it’s very dark so I assume I’m about to be in something
  7. Think the second southerly cell has fully had it now. Can see more CBs behind it on the satellite though I think
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