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  1. Now this is lovely! Had plenty of booms and pretty sure a few hours ago when a storm was to the north I had a positive strike, was nowhere near the cloud and it crackled like hell!
  2. Lovely structure to that thunderstorm heading north, saw it develop to my east and unfortunately didn’t get anything :(
  3. I just want the sun to go down so I can see any lightning from the huge cell north of London!! Nothing is happening to the south :(
  4. Met office radar showing 50% chance of isolated storms building by mid afternoon around london
  5. Well look at that radar picture, it’s only 11am still got a lot more convection to happen yet
  6. Haven’t been on this thread for a while. Seems like some good storms brewing today across the S/SE. Whilst I was away in Poland I managed to witness a blood moon as well as a few short but sharp thunderstorms. Been a chance of thunder nearly every day there whilst I was there.
  7. I’m hoping that a couple of little storms form in the south east around London tomorrow or Wednesday from this low because surprisingly almost all of the main events have missed London to the west or east this year apart from Friday morning which put on a decent show
  8. Atmosphere still looks quite unstable around at the moment does it not?
  9. The heavy rain overnight and throughout Saturday may well be thundery too I think but it just says heavy rain so far
  10. Yeah they are going all over the place! Plenty of new cells popping up on the south coast heading for London! BBC is showing thundery downpours during late afternoon/early evening as well now
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