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  1. This is at pure fantasy range at the moment (9 days) but this setup would be reminiscent of last year 24th July
  2. Feels soo oppressive here right now. Feels like it’s gonna go bang, first time it’s really felt like this in my area this year really
  3. Shouldn’t have looked this far ahead Kent clipper inbound for friday night possibly
  4. What caused these storms to be so intense? Really interesting. Must have been some really tall clouds and strong updrafts to produce that size hail
  5. Meanwhile here in the SE I’m currently scouring the weather models for any sign of another, more successful thundery plume but all to no avail. My bet is that when I’m out of the country for two weeks from the 10th of July (If all goes to plan with the current situation) then Sod’s law the most incredible event will take place ?? that’s my prediction given my luck with storms along with other southerners this year. Additionally, something bizarre that I and some other people have noticed is that big storm events have been taking place on almost the exact same dates each year recently, e.g 27th of may 2017 and 27th of may 2018 both had severe thunderstorms with plume events. Also July 25th 2018 and July 24/25th 2019 both had record breaking temperatures and also storms (albeit last years storm event was much more intense and widespread). So maybe when I get back on the 24th something could be brewing... ?
  6. Ugh I feel so defeated ?. Nature will do whatever the hell it wants I suppose. Still over two months of summer left though ? hopefully an actual proper plume event will happen and we can get the kind of storms we should be getting here in the south
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