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  1. I’m hoping for ecm to materialise! Need that northeasterly
  2. I really hope the northeasterly wind wins out! Scandinavia will be cold enough by then after this awful mild spell
  3. Winter will probably bite back when it’s the wrong time like March or early April, snowy Easter maybe! March is looking cold from the beginning! If it is warm all spring then I doubt the weather gods will allow us to have a cloudless, rainless and hot summer again! Last year was so exceptional
  4. It’s been 18C in 1960 before and nearly 20C in 1998 so we shouldn’t be too concerned as it has happened before! The uppers don’t correlate to the surface temperature so it is not going to reach 20C I don’t think. Will be sniffing at the record though!
  5. I think a colder March is more likely, looking at the gfs long range it’s showing northwesterlies bringing -5 to -8 uppers with possibility of snow for the beginning of March, definitely one to watch and it will probably be payback for what we’re having now because I don’t think Mother Nature will let us off this lightly without another sting of winter! We seem to be stuck in this yellow mild nipple of happiness and joy but both sides of it have cold pools waiting to strike so eventually I think those will eat in and engulf the uk next month!
  6. Cold as soon as the month turns! -8 uppers or lower moving in later on as well possibly!
  7. Yep, if i see any sort of hint about cold I’m on it straight away. Just wait till the summer when I hunt for thunderstorms!
  8. I’m not sure what you’re question is, I can only explain that the polar vortex is very high up So the purple doesn’t correlate to the temperature on the surface so that’s why it shows purple even over the uk. Purple is showing the colder air masses higher up in the atmosphere that will still be felt on the surface but obviously not as cold as that. When we get a split in the vortex it can dip down into parts of the northern hemisphere causing very cold air to become established higher up which will obviously be warmer close to ground
  9. May get some stonkers! This is getting me more excited now! Sod this mild spell!
  10. Fantastic. A glimmer of hope! I’ve been looking at the charts for start of March a lot and I’m seeing a northwesterly blast looking very likely from the 4th! -10 uppers possible for the whole uk with purple colours not to far from Scotland as well!
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