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  1. I'm going to set my alarm for midnight, front is moving so slowly it's going to last into Saturday at this rate.. I'll be back! Love you all to bits xxxx
  2. Loving the banta between all the weather geeks and some kid pretending to be a met student. 10/10 keep it going guys.
  3. Is it supposed to pivot NW ? It looks to be too far East suddenly ??
  4. Can't for the life of me understand why anyone would reject my advances... Anyyyywaaaay. Still dry here in Southend, PPN looks to be moving north more now. Hoping for that big orange clump
  5. You just put a horribly spin on it. I feel bad for promising my mum 5 inches now??
  6. Haha you and me both. (I don't think the mods like me very much!!) Damn, I was 6 years old in 2005.....
  7. I've been here two weeks,I don't seen I've ever seen you post anything positive??
  8. I've no idea... Waiting for all the knowledgeable to come and update me?
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