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  1. not really a worry, I believe the ECM 6z and 18z use different parameters than 12z so don’t worry too much.
  2. I mean I did say.. I wasn’t buying this mild spell, it just didn’t seem right? Models do usually underestimate a cold block.. takes a while to find the right pattern, yes we may be going less cold for a bit, but after that is to play for.. double digit temps, we will see.. can’t call it at this stage. hope for more of the same from ECM and UKMO later👍🏻❄️
  3. I mean he is right.. wouldn’t take much adjustment, Time will tell.
  4. Nope? I mean he isn’t wrong really.. maybe it may get less cold.. but for how long is the question? it isn’t over until it’s happening.
  5. Can people not enjoy a model run? People know it’s unlikely to be this extreme.
  6. First time being on this thread and Jesus it’s worse than the model discussion thread.. relax. Stop looking at apps, it’s coming. It should move more inland from 6am.. so if you wake up and no snow don’t cry. trust me some places are gonna get caked.
  7. I’m sorry did you just say it could miss the entire UK? no that’s not gonna happen. If you’re looking at MetO radar app, then that’s why. I still expect around 5-10cm where I am tomorrow. But we will see.
  8. just read metO long range forecast - UKMet is Met Office.
  9. Think I’m quite in the sweet spot zone, although wish I was a tad more east for some more excitement!
  10. If overnight runs are the same or upgrade on snow potential I expect to be in the amber warning as only 5 miles out side of it and maybe a red warning issued somewhere.. the warning will be updated tomorrow👀❄️
  11. Really grinds my gears ICON is a bad model especially when it comes to precipitation and snow.. come on.. MetO wouldn’t issue amber and speak bullish and confident if they were sure this was likely to happen.. relax.
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