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  1. Nope. 3 days above 28c in the London area is deemed a heatwave. Check MetO heat issue which is currently Level 3.
  2. 39.2c somewhere in the south east or E/A on Thursday. also, I’ll add a low temp of 23.4c on tomorrow night into Wednesday am.
  3. XC weather has 28c reported at Royal Air Force base in Mildenhall
  4. We may deserve it, doesn’t mean Mother Nature will play ball?
  5. There is a difference actually, just because we are used to be letting down doesn’t mean we will this time. Winter can still bite back.
  6. I take it the ECM is a cold outlier but pattern wise not so much??
  7. I know CFS has been rubbish, but still it’s worth a look?, might peak some belief❄️
  8. Well it seems like I could be doing quite well regarding snow later❄️
  9. Not mine - believe this is a paid model or something. Was tweeted by Essex Weather, I had no say in it - it’s just what it shows. Of course on the day could be slightly north etc. im just happy because I have 3 clumps of snowflakes which means heavy snow?
  10. They have marked the Northen extent of the low, but of course during the day tomorrow it may still change!
  11. Latest in regards of tomorrows snowfall. 2 flakes indicates (moderate snow) 3 flakes (heavy snow)
  12. What would that mean for London exactly? Snow or will their be any rain? Looks good for London I think ?
  13. I love how you leave out southern counties and S/E and parts of E/A also .. Seems wales and parts of the midlands could see a nice dumping :)
  14. You must of been very unlucky - most of Essex saw sleet or some snow??
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