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  1. Had a good dusting in Broxburn, on and off with heavy spells since 6pm. All meltied on the roads already unfortunately ?
  2. Same as the others, got the warning for snow, but can't see much on the forecast for the few areas I have looked....
  3. Thanks mr frost, unfortunately glamming pods I’m looking for as it’s a bit cold for the tent or the 4x4 ? it’ll most likely be mid next week I go.... knowing my luck, probably as a mild front comes in ??
  4. It'll be typical i end up missing the snow this year after getting a new 4x4/offroad toy to be playing in. Is there any good glamping sites up north people recommend, where i'd have a good chance for a lot of snow? I know of the eco camp, and braemar caravan site ones, any others? Sorry i know its a bit off topic.... but it's all in the spirit of snow ?❄️❄️
  5. arghhh, sooooo jealous!!! I hope we get some more over the next couple of weeks?
  6. Finger crossed for you all to get a good blanket... my fingers are crossed for Friday... ?
  7. Just seen this on Facebook, not sure what you all think?
  8. Yellow weather warning for some of Scotland tomorrow for snow and ice... Hoping Fridays snow comes as shown on that model @edinburgh_1992
  9. Thanks for the reply, I thought that may be the case, I get the horrible feeling I’m going to miss any large snow events for us... only home from Wednesday until the 13th then back to work till either the 27th of feb or the 6th of March. Which by then, we’ll have no doubt had the event, if any! But I guess time will tell.... just hoping I get lucky!?
  10. A better thread to ask in I feel... Do we have any models showing the potential for some large amounts of snow yet? Or is it still a take each day as it comes and see what comes up on the models...❄️☃️
  11. When people say the models look good for the north in here, does that include Scotland or is it northern England....
  12. I've not seen much mention of Scotland in the models thread, is this just usual, or is it the case that the way it stands at the moment it's not looking promising for much snow over the next week? ?
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