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  1. Morning everyone. Well after a slow start not a bad little covering in the end ❄ certainly more than i was expecting living in Leighton buzzard
  2. Snowing in Leighton buzzard now...starting to settle ❄ fairly steady snow at the moment
  3. -7°C in Leighton buzzard this morning...coldest night of the winter by far
  4. Just got a dusting of snow in Leighton buzzard ...more in 10 mins than we got last night lol
  5. Temp down to 1.9°C...dropped 2.4°c in an hour and rain gradually turning to snow in Leighton buzzard
  6. I live in Leighton buzzard Mike so thought this the best regional one to come on since i get Look East local news
  7. 1.2°C in Leighton buzzard now...dropping like a stone in the last hour fingers crossed everyone sees at least some snow over the next few days signed off work so can watch it all unfold from my bedroom window
  8. Nearly stopped now but got a little bit on the ground in Leighton buzzard ❄
  9. +1.8°c in Leighton buzzard...it's clouded over from that weak front drifting down from the north. No point staying up for the lunar eclipse/blood moon then lol
  10. - 2.5°c in Leighton buzzard still...-4 when i got up and first time had ice on the fish pond this winter
  11. Good evening folks first post on the forums...i took the plunge and joined yesterday. Ive been using netweather for a few years now but always just looked at the 10 day forecast and Michael Fish's weekly video blog. Well just before Christmas i started looking at the hunt for cold thread and on here as i live in Bedfordshire to see what was happening...well ive always been facinated by the weather and especially snow (im like a big kid when it does lol) but clearly only have a very basic knowledge of meteorology and never realised how many factors govern the weather in not just the U.K. but around the globe its been confusing as well as rewarding reading all the posts from so many on the forum so far....so much to learn but all the respected posters on here have opened my eyes and i just can't stay off here now lol to say it's a rollercoaster is an understatement at the moment lol living where i do in Leighton buzzard we generally need it to be -50 to get snow as the chiltern hills get in the way and we are quite low down ☹ not a good combination when you look forward to snow every winter lol anyway hope i havnt bored you all to death and look forward to making some friends on the forums learning more and more as i go have a great weekend and hopefully we will all be lamppost watching soon ❄
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