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  1. It's all heading west again! Come on... give the east a bit! ?
  2. Angie just mentioned that there's a slight possibility for another quick blast come Sunday.? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-26018439
  3. Just watched the the latest forecast on the BBC news channel and its not even showing it anywhere near NI! ?
  4. No probs. Total white out in Ballymoney judging by the radar.? Hopefully some of the heavier stuff will make to our neck of the woods before the nights out!?
  5. Snowy, Its just hit the mena there now but p..s poor covering....very light. Heading in your direction now, hopefully not fizzling out before it reaches ya!
  6. Are my eyes deceiving me or is that finally movement inland I see from the north coast now? ?
  7. Radars currently showing sweet FA for most of NI, apart from a little around Armagh! ?
  8. Its looking quite good for later on this afternoon and tonight. I wouldn't give up hope just yet!
  9. Lookin like it my friend. Anyway, good night all. Hopefully the euro 4 correct for Wednesday.
  10. Temp heading up.. From 0 to 1.5 in last 30mins. Rain not far away. Total disaster ?
  11. Indeed, but I don't understand why they've no yellow warning for us or Scotland. Surely there's going be laying snow in some areas!
  12. I don't believe it....the meto's latest forecast vid for tomorrow mentions NI! You'll have a laugh at their yellow warning area though....No snow for NI or Scotland ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iex2NFnfSHk
  13. Just came across this on the other side by a highly regarded poster....lets say his name is Q! ? Predictions of areas that will see snow tomorrow. Looks ok for us lot.... l'll not be holding my breath though.?
  14. I've noticed that they never mention NI in any of their video forecasts. Its as bad as the mod thread! :?
  15. Look at the current dew points across the water compared to us! What on earth like!?
  16. Yeah, same here. Sleet forecast last Tuesday for me, yet it chucked it down with snow. Think the good old lamp is the best way of gauging things in the next 24 hrs! ?
  17. Hi Folks. I'm new in here but have been following the weather for many a year...mad snow fan btw!? I'm not really a fan of the BBC forecasts and prefer to use the Met and other models for possible snow outcomes. However.....I've just watched the main UK BBC forecast and its not looking too great for Ireland as a whole tomorrow!! Whats do you guys think on the overall snow outcomes for the following days. Look forward to speaking to ya all in the coming snow days! ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather
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