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    Essex near Ongar
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    i enjoy gardening, and i decorate candles, bottles ,boxes
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    weather, especially snow, and a lovely frost

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  1. Well my snow is still frozen on my grass, and my ponds are still frozen, sun missed my back garden, cats are hibernating on the best spots ?
  2. Heavy snow here, everything has a lovely covering, making the most of it before it stops, ?
  3. Snowing here, not settling yet, but it will get thicker in a while, but settling on the grass ?
  4. Very light rain here, now, rather nippy, no wind, very still actually
  5. well im off to bed, weather warnings for snow and ice are still in place, so fingers crossed, think my snow will be arriving when im fast asleep, um tomorrow night, i mean, but hey might get a surprise, might not, im quite confident i will get a at least ?, blimey dont take much to keep me happy ?, so continue with this roller coaster ride tomorrow, night all.
  6. Higher, no lower, no left, no right, who knows at the moment ?, again all down to lamppost watching, im happy with what ever i get, i just like watching it come down in silence, see im easily pleased ?, its still beautiful, and natures wonder
  7. very true, but a bit of pity for me wouldnt go a miss?, as i have to stick both feet out side my back door and freeze, mines a halogen light so a 747 could land, as i will be out there waving my hand constantly ?, mind you if i did i would die happily covered in snow ??, no embalming necessary ?
  8. All down to lamppost watching, as i dont have lampposts where i live, its a case of waving my arm outside my back door for my security light, so now called security light watching, doesnt have the same ring to it though ?, im getting snow anyway, so im happy, ?
  9. Both of my ponds are frozen , plus there are little polystyrene balls frozen on top, suns is out, the sky is blue, trying not to go onto song here ?,
  10. ?Hi Tom, yes that was me,?, yep we had a lot of banter then and now you can stay out of that blackened room and stay on here with us
  11. Ah who remembers the snow cup a few years ago, ?now that was fun ?, can't remember who did all the hard work keeping records, I remember going outside with my tape measure and taking a photo, and bloody froze and still lost ?, plus think there was cheating going on, how naughty ?
  12. Hail here at the moment, exciting ,holding my breath and fingers crossed for this event, hopefully it will happen, well we deserve a treat
  13. -1 here at the moment, just walked to the petrol garage, cars all icing up, nearly went over as where they use the pressure washer, it was shear ice, blimey dangerous just getting blooming electric ?
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