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  1. Absolutely chucking it down here now in Sittingbourne, thunder rumbling too. There's even a breeze as the nets are blowing inwards. The fake grass out the back is finally getting puddles on - such a lovely sight 😃
  2. Was that it? Some rumbles here in Sittingbourne, some blobs of water and then it disappeared. One minute the lightening map was showing a lovely cluster of dots now they've disappeared...
  3. Same here in North Kent. It's blistering hot here, even the air con is chucking out warm air. I'm tempted to do a rain dance we're that desperate for rain... I wouldn't even be sad to see a thunderstorm...lol
  4. Oh well I think that rain bypassed us..it was more like heat spots than rain spots. Even the portable air con units are chucking out warm air.. Getting totally fed up of it - doesn't help either when you are a woman of a certain age either ☺
  5. Looking at the lightening map it seems to be centered around Lydd area. Hopefully it won't die out before it gets to North Kent. Skies are looking grey and miserable and the temperature is 20 deg and climbing slowly. Not sure where the rain is though 🤔
  6. Rain showing for over Sittingbourne but nothing here.. Debating whether to take the dog for his early walk but don't want to get stuck in a rain/lightning shower. I take it back, we've had 4 spots..😄
  7. I can't believe it got so hot here in N. Kent. My washing was actually drying while I was putting it on the line to dry.. Thankfully there has been a breeze, and it hasn't be so stifling with the heat but it's still unbearable. It's gone rather dark now so wonder if we are going to get some rain or thunder, as predicted ⛈
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