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  1. Temperatures are WELL BELOW what was forecast.. 1ºc low temperature tonight met office but already 0ºC..
  2. It is much colder than expected here on the South Coast. It is 0.5c already at coming up to 5pm. It was expected to be 4ºC.. Does this have an impact for tomorrow?...
  3. I have to say I completely disagree with many who say that Tuesday evening will not bring significant snow. I am not too bothered if every model is against the met office if at any point that was the case I would always back METO. They have proved to be right in the past and will continue to be in the future. I said this about the last event and many were moaning about how nothing will fall 'unless over hills' and yet many places saw some snow. People may well be surprised waking up Wednesday morning to in my opinion some significant snow. I could be proven wrong of course..but last time my estimate was correct despite it being an unpopular opinion!
  4. GFS 18z brings the possibility of more snow for the S and SE for WED rush hour after the initial event Tuesday night into Wednesday. This could cause some disruption and something to look out for and keep a close eye on too!
  5. very interesting times indeed. Brighton is a geographical area almost impossible to forecast. I remember many snow events we have had where it was forecast to be rain but it is far enough to east to sometimes remain very cold. METO have heavy snow for the coast here so nowcasting seems the only way to find out! Could be 4 inches, could be less or could be nothing!
  6. Very interesting that and certainly could create a lot of snow! What is your take for totals at this stage for say London and M4 area and then say the far southern counties like Brighton, East Sussex?
  7. ICON model may have been inaccurate in recent times but it has been the one to sniff trends on some occasions. Lets hope it increases the snow event for the UK! Important and nervous times ahead..
  8. @Mods Is it possible to add a 'Poll' option on this forum? It would be awesome to have a poll where we can as a community predict how much snow will fall? Just thought that would be cool!
  9. It may be a big ask but we got 13 inches last time in 2010! The precipitation intensity may well be that much again. So many variables to depend on. If the snow arrives when the temperatures are colder, I wouldn't rule dismiss 6 inches for the whole of the south east and for somewhere 1ft!
  10. METO have heavy snow for all areas including the far South coast
  11. What do people think the snow total will be for East Sussex? METO have heavy snow for here in Brighton and on the PPN METO charts it looks like a sweet spot.. 15cm here?..
  12. Anyone at this stage saying winter is over does need more sleep! Looks at march 2018..coldest conditions in some time an a lot of snow fell in places.. We are looking for cold in this chat, not winter pessimists. We still don't know whats happening Tuesday never mind after! Thank you
  13. Dear oh dear this is getting stupidly petty now. Please state where I said there was no snow event possible? If you look at my posts you will see I said I think there will be one. I have studied meteorology for quite some time and this is my interpretation. I simply stated that the BBC DID NOT MENTION any possibility of widespread snow and yes, you can name every part of UK but the BBC did not mention heavy snow for ANY of these areas. My definition of a significant snow event is anything of any significance.. i.e.snow that causes disruption. Its quite self explanatory. When the BBC don't mention heavy snow that logically suggests there won't be one in their view. Its a bit of common sense. Over and out this is tiring me I was only trying to make a point you, along with many others are respected weather commentators but I think there was a misunderstanding. Hope everything has been clarified and apologies again. Onwards and upwards tomorrow!
  14. Apologies. I am very tired after a tough week. I meant no snow event as in an event of significant snow. Snow showers in my opinion is a complete no snow 'event' as its not significant. Apologies again. It is clear I need sleep!
  15. Have you watched the 10 O'Clock news? BBC have said 'showers in places' but nothing note of any significance. Some models seem to be going for dumping whilst others seem to go for 'showers' or some cases nothing at all. ECM puts South East in a great position whilst GFS does not. Here is the GFS Here is there BBC. Evident to me of a non significant snow event.. Of course everything depends on the position of the Low but I was simply stating that I think the South East will be in the favourable spot this time around and that the BBC are wrong (not for the first time) about the position of the low and therefore where snow falls. Here you can see GFS (P) is also entirely different, Icon heavy snow too for much of Kent and Sussex. Most know that the BBC app updates are not always in reflection to current information as they are automated much like many apps. They update at periodic intervals and sometimes, at times like these, they do not update as frequently. This means that if the app is showing snow now, it may not be currently forecasted snow for the period if it hasn't updated so a link to the website at this moment does not show their current forecast. This what I meant for BBC not going for a significant snow event. I hope everything has clarified!
  16. Hey dude, apologies! Very tired haha and trying to keep with this half asleep! I mean, rather not for the extended, but for snow on Tuesday night into Wednesday. Apologies!
  17. It is a case of METO vs everyone tonight. I am still backing METO. They have been the leaders in the past in these scenarios and will continue to be in the future. I cannot believe that the most favourable outcome for snow for all models is the METO. Usually its GFS on a drunk one. Again, even the best models can have lapses and errors in their operational runs but I really do hope for my sanity that the METO is right and I think on this occasion it will once again prove to be. I cannot remember a time when we are not sure what will happen in just 24 hours. There are scenarios ranging from snow in JUST 12 HOURS to 12 inches falling in Kent on Tuesday evening to no snow at all.. Astonishing. Simply astonishing stuff.
  18. BBC are saying no snow because they are unclear as to what will happen, a conservative forecast. Their app still shows heavy snow for the South East Uk..
  19. BBC are tosh.. METO app still goes heavy snow for much of SE UK, much more reliable than BBC. Even if METO vs every model I would still back METO. I think London and South East will be the winners this time!
  20. Thats true.. Kent and Sussex are sweet spots at the moment.. tomorrow maybe northern Scotland.. look outside Tuesday and see! As some have said before, 'I will believe it when I shovel it'
  21. What is the best scenario here for a dumping of snow SE UK? I have read earlier that if everything goes right, somewhere in SE could get 1ft.. Is this true?
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