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  1. I agree entirely. Even the Sussex coast could see a similar amount..
  2. I think you gave a pretty good chance of snow laying (80%), and possibly quite accumulative
  3. Confused when I saw their week forecast and it said ram for south
  4. I find it pretty unbelievable that we are in a moment where this time next week we could either have blizzards or mild heavy rain. Uncertain times indeed! Please ECM weather gods..
  5. Imagine if the cold tonight moves out too slow and the rain is snow instead! Wishful thinking I know
  6. I know! The temperatures forecast from it have been spot on in my area here too. I think it has built its reputation
  7. I’m going to stick my neck out and say Thursday the snow will go much further south than expected. It seems to be trending more south and en evolution of the GEM idea is likely for me. I know some don’t rate GEM but I think it’s done well lately
  8. I know mate! I just mean I’ve been weather watching for a few years now and have not seen something like this. So many changes at so many times!
  9. what ON EARTH IS GOING ON? Blizzard in south U.K. on SATURDAY? The weather is drunk.
  10. I will hold you to the no significant snow/cold idea if it happens
  11. I would like to ask those hypothetically, what would a T196+ ECM12z scenario entail? You think dare I say it, historical snow somewhere in U.K.?
  12. Please cold weather gods. Provide us with a moment of history. The change of atmosphere here today are I think historic in itself
  13. -4°c or -10°c? There is a huge variation and just D4. This has major repercussions to whether we see widespread snow or rain!
  14. What I find quite extraordinary is we are a day closer and we STILL don’t know what is going on in just a few days time! Phenomenal times.
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