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  1. Heightened avalanche risk in Scotland's mountains WWW.BBC.CO.UK After mild weather and little snow, more familiar winter conditions are being experienced in the hills.
  2. Temperature has fallen to 0C. Big fat flakes and its starting to settle.
  3. A mixture of sleet and snow at present. Feet up, stove on.
  4. Currently rain and 2C. Expected to turn to sleet then snow later today. Tomorrow morning looks very wet. Mondays snow is still holding on, the surrounding hills are much whiter.
  5. Theres a good coffee shop in Braemar. Wood burning stove and great cakes. The perfect warm up if you've been up to Glenshee. As others have mentioned, upper Deeside is picture postcard stuff, especially during Autumn and Winter. Consider driving the notorious Cockbridge to Tomintoul road. Stunning scenery Enjoy your trip!
  6. The house sits at 165 mts asl and theres a couple of inches in the garden. Tillyfourie is around 200 mts asl and the snow is a deeper up there. If memory serves, this could be the heaviest snowfall since 2018.
  7. Definitely tricky driving as Ravelin mentioned. Here's a video of the Aberdeen to Alford road around Tillyfourie. Slightly further on, the X5 with winter alloys and tyres slid into the oncoming lane. Speed was around 20mph and thankfully no oncoming traffic. A passenger recorded the footage 20200224_154049_1.mp4
  8. Raining when I left the office in Aberdeen. Slightly different at home 20200224_164712.mp4
  9. The Suie, in winter conditions, is not for the faint hearted. I had a nightmare coming down there in a range rover 10 years ago. Nappy required
  10. Alford and Aboyne academy's are sending some pupils home early due to the weather. No idea how bad it is as I'm stuck in Aberdeen where it's raining heavily.
  11. Colder this morning as I left for the office. -1.5C at home.. 1.5C in Aberdeen.
  12. Definitely colder on the hills this morning, the ground is solid and any standing water is frozen. At elevation, the hills to the west look great in their winter coats:
  13. Based on that forecast, I'm planning an early start tomorrow and aim to leave the Aberdeen office by 3pm. I'll let you know if there are any issues with travel around the local roads asap. I've just noticed that theres a risk the snow could continue until 6am on Tuesday. Might manager to squeeze in a couple of hours on the hills, weather permitting, tomorrow afternoon.
  14. Significant snow upgrades for this area during Monday:
  15. That's a pity. This area can do very well, snow wise, out of a sustainaned easterly. May 2010 they were back using snowploughs locally after a freak snowstorm from the east kicked in. I had to phone work and try and explain that I couldn't get into work due to 2.5feet snowdridts blocking the road. Unsurprisingly, my work didnt believe me and I had to email photos by way of proof.
  16. Winds from the East on Monday. Has this happened during winter so far?
  17. Just back from a few hours on the hills. Temperature 2C at the carpark but much colder in the wind and at elevation. Mixed conditions from heavy snow to bright sunshine with the wind ever present. Snow lying from top to bottom and remaining on the north facing sides. The new jacket exceeded expectations, warm and windproof during heavy snow and 40mph gusts. Astonishing, given how paper thin it feels. A few pictures from today's hike.
  18. Even the North East of Scotland is covered by the warning. A rarity this winter
  19. Local hills around Alford Aberdeenshire. Low level hike around 450 mts asl max Today's trip to Lochnagar was cancelled due to the weather forecast. Wind gusting to 45nph with snow continuing to fall over the surrounding hills. Quick video showing conditions in Alford an hour ago. 20200222_092808.mp4
  20. Planning to hit the hills after 12pm, as any precipitation should have cleared by then. Decent windchill temps, -5C, and bright conditions should make for an excellent hike. Great opportunity to test out a new synthetic insulation jacket. Ridiculously light weight at 335g and I have doubts it will keep me warm. We shall see....
  21. Temperature is 10C colder compared to yesterday. Currently 2C with moderate snow, the hills have a slight covering. Bank. Heavier snow out at Braemar. Latest update from the Met office, for this area, is for heavy snow 11am..
  22. Tomorrow looks like being a wintry affair. Unfortunately the Lochnagar hike has been cancelled due to weather - 60mph winds and heavy snow = potential disaster. Have to make do with the local hills.
  23. Mmmmmm, Latest Met office update for this area is a mixture of sleet and snow on Saturday,with heavy snow for Monday. Sounds good, if the forecast holds.
  24. Snow showers, sky is dark to the west. Feeling cold in the wind 3C.
  25. That would be the cherry on the cake - walking snow covered hills in daylight. We can but dream
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