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  1. A most unwelcome surprise this morning in the form of freezing rain. The paths and drive in particular, are treacherous. A day indoor's until slightly milder temperatures arrive this afternoon. Currently 0C but the wind is making it feel raw.
  2. A lad from Aberdeen sent it via WhatsApp. Any bizarre spectacles in Alford, he takes great delight in forwarding them to me. The sad thing is, if that was a dog or a cow stuck on the main road, the locals would be rushing to assist.
  3. One of the locals causing chaos in Alford earlier this week VID-20210212-WA0000.mp4
  4. Royal Mail are attempting deliveries to more remote areas today. Last time I saw the postie was Monday. Snow showers with a brisk Southerly wind, so no sign of a thaw here yet. Next week look positively tropical with highs of 8C.
  5. A further 5cms of snow overnight. Evidence of drifting snow around the house as the winds pick up Roads not great, Aberdeenshire Council appear to have given up.
  6. How the Met Office measure temperature. Measuring temperature Temperature is a measure of how much heat energy something has; when measuring the weather we usually want to know the temperature of the air. To measure temperature we use a thermometer, you probably have one of these at home for taking your temperature when you are feeling poorly. We used to use thermometers that had mercury in them, but all of these are no longer used as mercury is dangerous if it were to leak out or the thermometer was to break. Instead we now use digital thermometers or alcohol thermometers. To measure the temperature accurately we keep our thermometer a Stevenson screens. This is a white box with slats in it to allow air to flow through the box. Stevenson screens face north, which combined with their colour and slats, give us the best measure of the current temperature, without getting too hot in direct sunlight or being too cool in the shade Stevenson screen.
  7. Prior to the winter of 09/10, the estate i live on embarked on a sizeable cull. The amount of complaints from drivers who had been in accidents with deer was ridiculous. Then winter 09/10 had its say on deer population. Numbers locally have never recovered since.
  8. Honestly no, if only for the sake of the wildlife. The deer must be enduring a wretched time.
  9. Garden thermometer showing -11 at midday. Seems pointless hanging out the washing.
  10. Tillyfourie sits fairly high up as you drive over and down into the Alford Valley. The deep cold tends to pool around Whitehouse. There's a few -24C been eported around there today. Lumsden which is slightly further inland was also at -24C . Unofficial temperatures off course as the nearest observation stations are miles away, one of which isn't nearly as cold as the Alford Valley.
  11. Good point Modern day cars use thermistors to measure temperatures. Car manufacturers fit one of two tyres, both of which are very accurate. I'd imagine home weather stations use the same devices in their external sensors. The older guys in my village have lived here all their days and lived through all the the major winters from the 60s onwards. The old wooden lumbar mill had to close one winter because the trees had frozen solid and couldn't be processed. Ask those guys if -27.2 is the coldest UK temperature and they'd chuckle.
  12. Temperatures climbing steadily ahead of the snow tonight and tomorrow. Relentless!
  13. As expected the lower temperatures were to be found down in the valley. This is the scene on the B992 between my village and Whitehouse. This morning has given the lowest temperatures of 2010 a run for their money.
  14. -19.5C now as dawn approaches. Impressive amounts of freezing fog at the bottom of the valley, thats where the lowest temperatures should be.
  15. Currently -18.5C at the house. Suspect its colder at the bottom of the valley, Whitehouse could be at -20C, or lower just now. Still dark but the frost on the trees is stunning. I'll get pictures at first light. The coldest temperatures are expected over the next couple of hours. -20C for this area looks highly likely. For comparison, the coldest temperatures I've recorded was on the 4th January 2010 when it dropped to -25.6C.
  16. Just after 7pm and hit -10C. The coldest temperatures are expected early Thursday. Bit of a shock going outside from 20C indoors
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