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  1. Glenshee was epic that winter. So much snow the tows were almost buried.
  2. Met Office way out with their temperatures forecast for my area. Forecast 5C. Actual 0C.
  3. In the absence of snow and cold, this has to be the best alternative. Sunny, calm and mild enough to sit outside having a cup of coffee. Feels like spring has started
  4. Noticed a massive flock of geese in the vale of Alford around 0930. I've lived here since 2004 and have never seen geese in these numbers before - a genuine WTF moment! Given the bright conditions and distance between the geese and myself, a rough estimate of numbers could be made. I reckon well over a thousand and that's a conservative figure. The geese were circling over an area as opposed to following their usual flight paths - unusual behaviour. Possibly an early departure from their wintering grounds? Definitely a sight to behold. Currently 9.5C and wall to wall sunshine.
  5. You've landed lucky again with the weather for your electrical works. Ive been outside working since first light, garden maintenance and sorting out the garage in advance of the house going on the market - the amount of crap in there is ridiculous. Out of the wind, theres warmth in the sun which I felt these last few days. Cloud starting to build with temperature at 5C. Not a bad day.
  6. Matt Hugo has made quite a bold tweet. Available to view over on the model tweet thread. Over exaggeration?
  7. 22C noted in the conservatory - no heating since last night, purely the power of the sun. Not bad
  8. Apart from yesterday at Cairngorm, I'm struggling to remember when I last saw snow falling. Another week of SW winds means that wont change anytime soon. As it stand, winter 2019/20 is the 13th warmest on record. February is predicted to be milder still. Personally, I'm just enjoying these long sunny days we have at present.
  9. 50 days have now passed, and that temperatures is still the lowest for winter 2019/20.
  10. The death knell for winter 2019/20.
  11. Current snow conditions for Cairngorm and Lecht ski centres.
  12. The meteorological winter runs December till February. The astronomical winter is the domain of druids, stargazers and suspect individuals that claim to heal using natural crystals.
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