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  1. Another bright sunny start, cooler of late with temperatures forecast to fall to 5C this afternoon. Factor in the wind, real feel 1C at 4pm.
  2. Another fine day, sunny intervals and a warm breeze. Evidence of rain through the night. Currently 12C.
  3. Social distancing if you're behind a cyclist is recommended 10 possibly 20 meters.
  4. Clouded over pretty quickly. Had to dash and take the washing in as the farmers turned up with different machinery that kicks up major dust. Forecast is for rain later on.
  5. Another cracking day, bright with sunny intervals and a slight wind. Sitting outside in a tee shirt for the first time this year. The village i live in is quieter than normal of late, possibly another coronavirus case not to far from here. There's another neighbour, serous underlying health issues, is back in ICU on a ventilator with the virus. I think at some point, most people will get it.
  6. Chilly start at 0530, 1C with a slight frost on the car windscreen. Absolute glorious spring day, wall to wall sunshine and now warm enough to sit outside.Forecast is for temperatures to hit 13C locally this afternoon.
  7. The local farmers are fairly putting in a major shift of late. It's not unusual to see the tractors working at 9pm. Ploughing is underway in the big field in front of the house, fair amount of dust being kicked up.
  8. 14C bright, sunny with a gusty wind. Borderline summer up these parts. Awaiting the final load of firewood at 1pm. Perfect day for it ?
  9. Discovered Augustiner while pitched up in Munich before Aberdeen FC took on Bayern. Many litres of beer helped numb the pain of defeat. The trip itself was a disaster, our flight to Munich was delayed due to fog in Germany. The airline offered us seats to Frankfurt which we grabbed. Unfortunately nobody in my group had a clue how far Munich was from Frankfurt. Af ew hours later and 800 euros lighter, we arrived in Munich. The taxi driver was doing 140mph while my party demolished a carry out....surreal.
  10. Mixed bag weather wise on the hills this afternoon. Ideal temperatures for walking although the heavy rain at the summits was a slight pain. Walked for three hours in total and didnt see another person. Back into self isolation mode, woodburner on and an ice cold Augustiner helles in hand. ?
  11. A dry bright and sunny start to the day, so much better than the gloomy cloudy days of late. Feeling reasonably warm in the sun despite the 2C temperature. The BBC has an excellent guide on what we still don't know about coronavirus, definitely worth a read as the symptoms may not be confined to a fever, persistent cough and muscle pain.
  12. Up these parts we could definitely use some rain, the fields are like dust bowls and my trees could certainly use a drink. With what's going on, sustained heavy rain would be useful in keeping the herd indoors.
  13. Wintry showers for NE Scotland tomorrow - BBC news. Anything but these depressing cloudy days.
  14. Its frustrating to read our brave NHS giys and girls dont have the PPE they need to carry out their work as safely as possible. I really hope this issue is sorted out quickly. Found this article suggesting the UK lockdown is 10 days to late. Coronavirus: UK should have gone into lockdown 10 days ago, Italy's scientific adviser warns NEWS.SKY.COM Walter Ricciardi, who called Italy's lockdown, tells Sky News the UK is at risk of a worse infection rate than his home country.
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