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  1. Whats going on with winter? Days of overcast conditions with the temperature permanently stuck at 9c Cairngorm summit a tropical 12.5c
  2. Winds have picked up and the drive is thawing out at an impressive rate. Next week looks milder of late. Currently 3c, windy with the sun trying to break through the clouds.
  3. Feeling much milder today compared to the previous three mornings. Heavy snow overnight has increased the depth to around 3 inches, deeper at the North side of the house due to drifting early morning. Looking at the sky, it looks like more snowfall is possible. Temp -2c, windy and cloud. Off to pick up a courtesy car, a rear wheel drive BMW. Oh dear.....
  4. The weather's much worse further inland, so can't complain to much. SSE got the power restored quickly so all good, for the time being....
  5. Power restored, snaw easing off. That was impressive snowfall at its peak.
  6. Heavy snaws knocked the power out at the house.
  7. Possibly, the region is being affected by very heavy snow at present. We've just lost power.
  8. Heavy snow has arrived, further inland Glenkindie, Strathdon and Corgarff have been getting hammered since this morning. Temp 1c.
  9. Another cold and calm start to the day. Temp at 8am was -12.5c Cloud increased during the morning. Snow is forecast to start around 1pm Temp has increased, currently -4c
  10. Seems to be cloud all round the vale now. Still dry here, temps shot up to -6c. Met Office forecast for snow (50%) to begin around 1pm through to 9pm. Met office have upgraded to heavy snow starting 1pm.
  11. Up on the hills this morning. The difference in summit temperature compared to the valley is huge. I've had to ditch gloves and the mid layer. Some impressive cloud formations to the north and west which seem to be tracking southerly. Definitely snow clouds. Might be an idea to get off this hill.
  12. More cloud this morning so not as cold as yesterday. Looks like snow isint far away. Sun's trying to appear above the hills so the temperature might lower yet. Met office still showing -4c for my location at 8am. Temperature noted around 8am. Bit of a difference.
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