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  1. Looking at the radar, seems a small really heavy patch of rain/snow between Salisbury/ Winchester/ Andover
  2. Rain/snow seems to be intensifying, East Somerset/Wiltshire This should mean it's more likely to be snow (as the melting cools the air locally)
  3. For those who know any fluid dynamics it's just hydrostatic balance... dp/dz = - (density * acceleration due to gravity) dz = - dp / (den * g), density of air = 1.225 g/m**3, g=9.81 m / sec squared So change in height = change in pressure / (about 12) - a factor of about 0.83? (give or take pressure units! Pascals ---> mb) The density of air varies quite slowly at sea level, so the factor should be pretty constant...!
  4. As a 9-year-old in Taunton I remember this vividly too (see my moniker). Fence high snowdrifts, villages cut off for days - and it was completely unexpected / unforecast. I think it was just Devon, Somerset and Dorset - Cornwall missed out. Started snowing lunchtime Saturday, and over 18 inches by the morning.
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