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  1. Interesting that met office isn’t picking up on this at all...
  2. Looking at the radar it looks like we’re going to get plenty of snow in Hebden Bridge today... but no sign of it on met office app... what do people think?
  3. I know there’s a lot of negativity in here - is that a hangover from the amazing winter last year? Expectations a bit unreasonable? We’ve had more snow at our house in the Pennines this winter than we got in the whole of 2016-2017 winter. About 5 days of settled lying not melting snow so far as opposed to 3 that year. Even if we just keep getting these spells of snowy weather I feel like we’re still not having a bad winter...
  4. At 300m near Hebden Bridge (Halifax way), that sounds splendid to me. Be nice to have this again... only got about a cm of snow lying currently ?
  5. I’m really interested in that last sentence. Could you or anyone else shed more light on this? I asked about this on the old thread where you weren’t allowed anything other than serious model chat but it was (appropriately) moved to the “learning” section and not be answered as far as I can see... However the opportunity to catch all the experts contributing to this thread is too good to ignore. Structurally are we going to see more cold winters long term? Is the AMOC/Gulf Stream weakening by 15% real and is that key driver of the Atlantic influence on our weather? I’d
  6. I much prefer this style of thread as as a newcomer I found that I wasn’t able to contribute at all and it felt unwelcoming. This is much better in my opinion.
  7. Just out of interest are those long term watchers (over decades) seeing any changes due to this “15% decline” of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (gulf stream) that we occasionally read about in the news? Wondering if that’s going to impact things in our lifetime or not? Assuming that without that we’d behave a lot more like a continental land mass and have a climate more similar to Moscow...? Interest sparked by seeing people posting charts from the 80s etc. Massive amount of knowledge in here! (And at least I’m not complaining about no snow so it lighten
  8. Could you explain this more to those of us who are lay people and only have a very basic understanding? Thanks in advance
  9. Heavy snow in the hills above Hebden Bridge ? ? Inch deep so far... justifies moving here 3 years ago...
  10. If it’s currently snowing lightly here already (260m altitude in the Pennines near Halifax) I’m guessing these models are good news over the next few days-2 weeks then? But not anything that looks like the 6-8ft drifts we had (and loved) last year? I’ve read this thread for about 3 weeks before posting and feel I’m beginning to get the hang of things... but to translate into simpleton language we don’t have anything that looks like the sustained blast we had last year yet though do we?
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