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  1. Could be the FINAL MW which happens often @ the end of met. winter time
  2. That massive cold block over Arctic Siberia and the vanished Canada PV cold looks decent to me
  3. It's all down to EC now to make it a Straight Flush or just a simple pair
  4. We need a strong Atlantic block... We didn't had it this season. Only exit from the Atlantic forced west Autobahn as I see it... Only scandi high will not help, since Atlantic has too much power
  5. What makes me so currios is the fact, that a couple of days ago there where severe easterly outbreaks predicted by GFS, later EC...both discarted them and turned to an active atlantic within only few runs. The thing I can't catch is: why is this (still only predicted) pre-spring'ish weather seen as final, but winter'ly conditions are completly out of reach? Isn't it possible to see this swingaround in a couple of days again? I grabbed in a big pile of sh***t when I told near people (friends, family) AGAIN that there will be freezing cold conditions by mid-Feb, I learnded that I shoul
  6. I don't know if I am right, but I see a small pattern in this winter modell and synoptics... GFS shows something either cold or warm in his FI-Cards, EC doubts it, but then switches lanes while GFS begins to drop it and makes a 180° turnaround, and when it comes in the +144-168h spectrum, wich is mostly EC homeland, EC stands out as the winner and GFS as the looser Just my opinion ?
  7. slight pattern change predictited if I see this one correct...
  8. EC MJO favors a quick 7 (preview is not actual, click to acutal chart)
  9. Would be nice to see 2m temps and wind directions of EC... +168h all charts here https://www.tameteo.com/modeles/fr-europe-ecmwf-87-t2m-569.htm
  10. Hi, you got any charts for this? Appreciate! ? Regards
  11. I wouldn't be to pessemistic, cold air is relativly near, for global conditions, this isn't more than a footstep. Those gears just have to shift prob, and easterly cold spells could come real ?
  12. Hi Catacol, thank you for your reply. On those last GFS runs I see a shiffting of tropospherical cold from Canada towards Russia-Siberia and some strong signals for HLB/Nordic Highs wich would lead to a strong -NAO and can induce some very cold easterly spells in mid February Some may call them FI charts, but for me it is just a logical development from other global signals. I know, by now, we can't really predict where strong nordern Hights will develop and how they will affect us in Mid-EU, but I am absoluty convinced, that they will develop somehow, and that's the gamble game and
  13. EC FI = west at it's best... game over for the next 2 weeks...
  14. Hello friends! Can someone please tell me where I can find the actual chart for this forecast skill verification.... I've been searching for an hour or so, but can't find the source... /Sorry for a bit offtopic regards
  15. Anyone sees the continental high building up in Mid-America? Maybe the terminator punch for canada vortex?
  16. My thoughts on EC 240h Canadian Vortex to be attacked, continental high streching from Russia twrds Fennoscandia replacing LP with HP there, could end in some easterly cold options in start of Feb
  17. No SSW without returning to w'stly winds, that would be a Final Warming
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