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  1. Lexus swap my “summer” tyres for my winter set for free on my 4x4, I just have to store the rubber when it’s not on the car, doesn’t cost any more in the overall as tyres are only used for half the year. Can get pretty much anywhere in the ice and snow. Winter tyres make a huge difference especially when going down hill and braking, you just don’t slip and slid and wonder whether the car is gonna stop.
  2. Still snowing hard here, (harwood bolton) roads and cars covered, my poor old b1tch ain’t liking it much dog ain’t keen either
  3. Just like to make a couple of comments regarding the roller coaster ride that the last couple of months have been. I come from an IT background of over 35 years, my observations of certainly December and January is that the the computer models are struggling to manage input data, wind speed, temperature, pressure, etc. Data being collected and input into the meteorological super computers is changing in quite radical ways from day to day. This is predominantly because of the conditions in the stratosphere over the polar region, the split vortex and SSW etc. The computer models, taking current data are having problems providing any coherent model output further than 96 hours The meltdown on Friday was quite probably a result of disparity of data collected and processed over the previous 2 - 3 days. I am of the opinion that under the present very mobile conditions, especially over the polar region any attempt to provide any sort of accurate model output beyond the 96 hour time frame is unproductive, and conversely be prepared for unexpected changes to a colder model at quite short time frames.
  4. Mods, hope this is in the right place, delete at you leisure. As a newbie I just wanted to say thanks to all all the amateur and professional meteorologists who post here, many folk like me never set up accounts and are regular lurkers, like myself, for many years. As an OAP I get to pop in here a couple of times a day to see when the snow will arrive, and have picked up invaluable insights and have become knowledgeable regarding met terminology. Terms like : Promising Very promising (used a lot) Perfect Messy Eye candy More upgrades needed Straw clutching Game changer I’m not sure I understand what a Murr sausage is yet, still working on that one. Can anyone explain why deep cold and snow is always 2 weeks away? Bought loads of long life milk in December and the missus is starting to ask questions, she also wants to know when I am going to move the rock salt so that she can get her car back in the garage. Once again many thanks to everyone here, Curious OAP
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