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  1. You are correct all roads are taking us to cold. This weather game is a serious hobby for some and the wind up merchants (same old screen names)know they will get a reaction from some of us by their constant posting of inaccurate rubbish often without even a chart to back it up.
  2. Really? have always taken everything 10 days out as gospel? For someone called blizzard you sure don't like the idea of snow.
  3. Extremely, supremely, positively, absolutely,spectacularly confident. The only thing that has changed is the knee jerk reactions and forgetting of the bigger picture by some of you.
  4. Or we're not even at mid-winter yet, from an astronomical point of view. Which ever, there is still plenty of winter to come.
  5. Absolutely. One of the most ridiculous posts i've seen in a long time. Wow indeed.
  6. It is a good watch but he stresses several times in the video to keep our feet firmly on the ground which is a tad unusual for Gav as he normally gets very excited at the mere whiff of snow. The plot thickens
  7. It's hard for us newbies to concentrate on the model related stuff with all the sniping so thanks for kicking butt.
  8. Anything before 21st was always going to be a bonus anyway.
  9. Hi, can i ask how many runs of a certain persuasion it takes in order to truly call it a trend?
  10. Yes if that isn't serious snow potential i don't know what is!
  11. They seemed very confident all round and even quite excited so yes and add that to below average temp anomalies with increased precipitation anomalies that are showing and we could be looking at something really special.
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