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  1. This is why I don't understand the point of watching every model run. One bad run and people completely discount the previous 20? It's senseless.
  2. Well aware of that, I like to see the potential though, keeps the hopes up. It might turn out completely different and we end up getting snow in different set ups or not at all but it's looking like we will have to be unlucky not to get a bit of the action in the next 2/3 weeks.
  3. Thanks for the reply, lets hope we all get a good plastering. Unbelievable potential going forward and earlier than last year too.
  4. Would I be right in saying that day 9/10 looks like it is a great run for Ireland, snow potential wise?
  5. Not interested in another year like 2012 or 2013 where Uk got buried and I was freezing into April but didn't see a snowflake. Disappointed with the snow potential in next 10 days tbh.
  6. Have a feeling the North will do well out this cold spell. Hopefully we all do and the whole island is covered. Its good to have decent chance at this stage of winter. This time 2 days from now we all should have a clearer picture.
  7. Frigid? Does that mean Feb91 won't be getting smashed with 4 inches?
  8. Good news with the models. Will we be seen more scenes like this throughout Ireland in the coming weeks.
  9. https://amz.nwstatic.co.uk/monthly_2019_01/75EE3B09-B548-45E5-96E3-C872FD5E12C5.jpeg.f76326df999cc125ee8453efcbdc5495.jpeg Bit of fun but some places would be buried if this came off, unfortunately not me.
  10. Surely should go with what the majority of models go for? Seems counter intuitive to go for the odd one out?
  11. Are those not for 6 day away? I thought it wasn't expected to get cold enough for snow until the 23rd. Next Wednesday.
  12. Would be good to get the snow/cold in a month earlier than last year. I remember last year it snowed all night on the first night the beast arrived and we had 6 inches lying outside, during the morning it was still snowing heavily but was not building up. Must have got nearly two foot of snow during the whole cold spell but it never built up as it would have a month earlier. 20 miles up the road was a different story, they got smashed despite this with probably the heaviest snow build ups at low levels the whole island had seen in some time.
  13. Never understand why so many get deflated by every chart that is not to their wishes. Surely the main take away from the last few days is a positive one for cold lovers trending towards a colder to cold last third of the month. That's 11 days away, no need for every chart to be a ramp from now to then just as long as it comes together in the end.