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  1. So teasing here. Snow gets going, barely whitens the ground and then stops. Story of my winter. 2021- The year it nearly snowed.
  2. Someone on boards.ie weather section who's been wrecking everyone's heads for the last month just posted he's being b***hed about on netweather. I'm sure he's an alright lad but just needs to be not so IMBY focused.
  3. Met Eireann woman on RTE said Thursday snow could be widespread and that cold could still be around the weekend giving further risk of snow for Eastern and Northern areas.
  4. Light snow shower just started here. Not going to last long going by the radar.
  5. The Met Eireann long range isn't without further promise later into February into early March either. MONTHLY FORECAST, ISSUED TUESDAY 02 FEBRUARY 2021 Week 1 (Friday 05 February to Thursday 11 February) A strong signal for low pressure dominant to the south and high pressure to the north, meaning Ireland will lie in a mainly easterly airflow. This will lead to below average temperatures for the week. Precipitation will likely be well below average for much of the country though showery conditions will feed into northeastern and eastern coastal counties, with above average precipitations amounts there. With the strong easterly flow, wind-chill will be a big factor for this week, with the potential for winds to impact eastern coasts. Some wintry precipitation is likely, especially in the north and east. Widespread frosts at night, with hazardous conditions where ice forms. Week 2 (Friday 12 February to Thursday 18 February) Low pressure in mid-Atlantic will likely extend its influence over Ireland with a mainly southwesterly airflow. This will mark a change from the previous week with temperatures recovering to more normal levels. Precipitation levels will increase to above normal for much of the country. Wind and rainfall are the main potential hazards in this setup. Week 3 (Friday 19 February to Thursday 25 February) High pressure to the north looks set to be the dominate feature for the week. This would lead to mainly settled conditions, much drier than average with temperatures around normal.There is a risk of some frosty nights with calm conditions. Mist and fog are possible hazards. Week 4 (Friday 26 February to Thursday 04 March) The high pressure is indicated to decline northwards, leading to a northeasterly airflow developing over Ireland. This would likely lead to colder than average temperatures but still predominately drier than average for much of the country with perhaps showers feeding into the northeast and east. Possible hazards are wintry flurries in the northeast and east, frosty nights for much of the country.
  6. I don't look at it that way. Would be happy with some decent snowfall with the possibility of a top up. We're never going to do as well as parts of Britain.
  7. Sunday: Sunday is looking like a very cold and breezy day with bright spells and some showers, the showers primarily affecting north Ulster and east Leinster, with some turning wintry in nature. Maximum temperatures of 1 to 5 degrees Celsius but feeling colder due to the added wind-chill factor in brisk northeast winds. Frost and ice will develop widely on Sunday night with scattered snow showers in eastern counties. Minimum temperatures of -3 to +1 degrees Celsius in fresh northeast winds. Next week: Current indications suggest it will stay very cold into next week with widespread frost and ice. Falls of sleet and snow are expected, especially in Leinster, with significant accumulations possible. Loving the Met Eireann update. Very rare they talk of snow this far out.
  8. Unfortunately we can't. Not with ECM being a step behind it all winter. Still think that the a cold spell is a decent fave with UKMO, ECM and GEM going that way at the moment. We'll know soon enough, probably tomorrow evening.
  9. Met Eireann further outlook (Sunday onwards) looks promising: Further Outlook: Turning colder with northeast to east winds feeding in wintry showers at times. Hard ground frosts can be expected at night.
  10. Solid gfs 06z and very similar to a lot of the 00z gef ensembles.
  11. The ECM has been rubbish this winter outside 5 days. Delighted with the last few days output and expect ECM to come back in line by Sunday.
  12. Are we entering the most exciting week of model watching since 2018? Things are starting to get very interesting, that's for sure.
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