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  1. After this stormy weather this week it's time to look for improving warmer Spring weather. Winter was a disappointment but at least I saw some heavy snow last Sunday and 2 inches lying on the ground, that was a nice surprise and let's face it that is about the average for most on this little island of ours.
  2. Nature has it's own vibe. Plenty of snow to come, delayed winter imo.
  3. 2 inches lying on the ground. Hasn't stopped for over 3 hours and heavy too.
  4. Absolutely milling down now with big fluffy flakes. What a nice surprise.
  5. Would take tonight's GFS 18z parallel. Has decent sneachta just a week away, one to watch.
  6. It's just a little airborne! It's still good, it's still good.................
  7. The search for cold is over for me now. Looking forward to the weather picking up and getting a decent spring after last year's non spring.
  8. Big pub run coming up. Is this the moment it all goes right?
  9. What a disappointing spell. Atlantic muck delivers nothing again, quelle surprise.
  10. How can people have so much faith in the models beyond 5 days if they couldn't even predict a snow event in South England/Wales within 24 hours.
  11. Even though there was a downgrade during the week that LRF is still not bad at all. It is possible they have downgraded this week as the signals they have been expecting are not yet showing so rather than be left with egg on their face they have tempered the wording a little. Still an interesting month ahead and wouldn't rule out a repeat of last year yet.
  12. Obviously snowed here this morning as there is a dusting outside but I was asleep so yet to see a snowflake fall this winter. Still not giving up on this winter though, can see it been a late winter this year after we get over the mild incursion next week.
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