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    music, metal detecting, weather, nature, history, life, spirituality and science.

    i love the seasons, i love mild februarys, it reminds me of my childhood exploring the countryside. making dens in hedgerows, sheltering from the rain, hearing the mistle thrush singing as the mild sw wind blows dark clouds across the sky. many records from the mid 60's remind me of these times.. overlanders 'michelle'. 'keep on running' , 'uptight', 'little by little' (dusty).. then back to our coal fired home to watch 'robinson crusoe' , jackanory, blue peter, thunderbirds .. this is why the bartlett to me is welcome. i love the spring. the first catkins, celendines, ladysmock, nests, the countryside in spring is heaven.
    i love the heat in summer, the hot southerly draft, 'trance' music is so apt, i love the thunderstorms too.
    in the notorious winter of 81, i had to work outdoors , ive never been so cold. i felt sick and numb with it. i think thats when i lost interest in snow/cold.

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  1. mushymanrob

    Metal Detecting

    this is my find from saturday... elizabeth 1st threepence dated 1572 ... worth about £30 so if i sold it it would pay my fuel costs! lol
  2. mushymanrob

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    polar on netflix pretty scenery but a totally dog biscuits storyline. even a very odd addition of matt lucas couldnt rescue this bloodbath of nonsense.
  3. mushymanrob

    Eurovision Song Contest

    *sits back and waits for the 'they dont like us' comments* it might be 21 years since we won, after a history of doing very well.. but its not just us... 5 times winners luxemborg havnt won since 1983! , 5 times winners france havnt won since 1977 (although came second 5 years ago), 7 times winners ireland havnt won since 1996. we won 6 times and havnt won since 1998... but we have actually done better since then other 'once great' contender countries in the last 20 years. so 'we' shouldnt take it personally... maybe if we still only had western european countries entering 'we' and the others would do better.. edit...... yes, its true, its not as good as it used to be!!!! 😂
  4. mushymanrob

    What ever happened to ?

    his presence is inconsistent, has been ever since he had that job in america ?... i dont think his absence is related to an inaccurate prediction...he has been absent after a correct one too! unlike the naked king,.,
  5. mushymanrob

    What ever happened to ?

    quite strange isnt it..
  6. mushymanrob

    weight lose thread

    @BornFromTheVoid is spot on... re calories in vs calories burnt. the great thing about calorie controled diet is you can chose wtf you want to eat upto your set calorific intake goal. so you can drink alcohol, eat cakes and pies, lol.. as long as you stick to your limit, it really works well and imho is the best way instead of fads, superfoods, etc..
  7. mushymanrob

    Metal Detecting

    yes, theres a lot of modern money and jewelry to be found in certain areas.. experienced detectorists know where these goodies gather in the ever shifting sands, due to below sand ridges/nooks/cracks.. thats why some are arsey about 'their' patch.. theres some money to be made off these hot spots
  8. mushymanrob

    Metal Detecting

    lol... tbh though...its TRUE! see.... theres only so many things in the ground to be found.. after 40 years of detecting, a lot of sites have dried up! and thats despite far superior machines around today. finding new ground to detect on is harder, because some landowners say no!... so those that say 'yes' have usually been 'detected to death' ..
  9. mushymanrob

    Metal Detecting

    yep.... i detect, hence the voided longcross in my pic... been doing it properly (permission etc) for 20 years now. interest is fading though, it gets harder to detect all day, and my sites are drying up.
  10. mushymanrob

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    klf..... one of our greatest innovators of music. godfathers of trance... hence the play on words in this early track
  11. mushymanrob


    that is a sound argument.... and one i and other pop music fans have discussed. maybe 'we' have discovered all the various patterns that a basic guitar based pop/rock combo can create. maybe theres a case for suggesting todays youth can access these older styles easily so dont need to create their own. i do know young people who like punk (our punk from 76/7/8) although how they can put it into context and apply it to todays environment remains to be understood. so they may not be able to discover a new style, thats possible, but why oh why can they not create a good original song celebrating/protesting about todays life? i think theres a case to be made for suggesting pop music is modern folk music.... lol.. after all, theres an element amoungst british based guitar bands to document british life in pop. in the 60's the obvious choice is 'penny lane', but the kinks were quintessentially a british group singing songs about british life at the time. dead end street, sunny afternoon.... the animals expressed the dispare that post war life was like in the northeast - we gotta get out of this place.. "in this dirty old part of the city, where the sun refuse to shine" ..... in the 70's groups like the jam carried this on, and into the 80's madness often used life as a topic - baggy trousers, our house... then into the 90's there was britpop with blur and oasis again using real life as topics. each time this britpop theme arose groups may have been unoriginal in the styles - oasis was heavily criticised for ripping off the beatles - but did create some great pop songs that heavily referenced everyday life. so why arent there guitar based groups today creating their own music using the many hot political topics?... see, i dont think unoriginality is bad, IF the product is sincere and indeed my favoured era after the mid 60's for guitar based pop/rock was the early 00's ! groups like the rasmus, queens of the stoneage, white stripes, razorlight, hard fi , and many more could hardly be regarded as totally original in the styles of music they created... but what they created was damn good! now, as far as 'snowflakes' go... maybe their education has something to do with their lack of willingness to create 'bripop mk 4' . it appears to me that anything promoting britishness, all our positive achievements, are overlooked in favour of highlighting the negatives.. in a bid to be 'inclusive' and not promote anything that could be seen as offensive to immigrants. has political correctness killed pop music?... pleased you 'cottoned on' :) the views on pop music ive expressed here are shared by other pop music experts, so whilst some of you might think im talking crap... the people who matter dont! 😛 😀 after all, this is a weather forum, i wouldnt go to a pop music forum to find out about the weather, and on the weather im strictly division 4.
  12. mushymanrob


    ... but ed..... what you and others have argued against me is that very point! todays music is generic, manufactured, insipid, lol. it really is not as good, and that can be demonstrated to be true. and ive done just that. lol.. you are 3 days older. :P my mam listened to pop music all day, the radio was on, thats where my interest came from since before i was at school..
  13. mushymanrob


    further to my previous reply.... it is true that successive generations dislike modern music. of course it is. i didnt mean that bit was 'rubbish'... but as a life long fan of pop music and british youth culture, the pop music scene today is stagnant, banal, unoriginal. its not a case of me 'not liking it therefore its rubbish'... i hated disco, prog rock, glam rock, philly, and many other styles, but i recognise them as strong, original, popular, styles. if you or anyone thinks todays pop music scene has the variety of original songs/styles then please provide the actual evidence :) because tbh, its very lazy to say 'youre just getting old'.. that really isnt an argument.
  14. mushymanrob


    you highlight my point thanks... original songs in the charts, by competent musicians/singers with their own individual style . the problem has been (as highlighted in that vid i posted but dare say no one bothered to watch) , is that businessmen used to back a group or act, they would take a punt on a new artist to see if they made any money. this gave artists artistic licence to be creative, to create a new style, new sounds. that is why in the past there was so much variety in the charts, thats how new styles evolved. over the last 30 years that has gradually changed in the late 80's stock aitken and waterman created their hit factory, and boasted openly about 'making a star out of anyone'.... kylie couldnt sing live for peanuts! they unashamedly made manufactured music acceptable, and what they did was reverse what had gone before. to them it was all about the money. so they created artificially 'songs' for anyone, and all their 'stars' brought to the product was their name. over the last 30 years, thats the way pop music has gone... manufactured acts... created by businessmen to make money, THATS why theres no originality or variety in the charts. generation snowflake has grown up with manufactured pop music being the norm. so instead of businessmen backing original artists, giving a new generation an oppetunity to express themselves, they created the artists themselves in order to make money. pop music today is unoriginal, generic, stagnant, and that can be seen in by comparing the variety and subject matter we had in the past. just look at kate bush for eg.... totally unique first song - whimsical original take on a emily bronte classic novel. .... second song.. about being a failed gay actor .... third song... infidelity in marriage... followed by songs tackling the subjects of nuclear war, or the futility of war.. an artist given the opportunity to express herself - did. can anyone seriously suggest that there are artists of that calibre around today in the charts?.. nah... and as ive previously pointed out, the charts, love them or hate them, are the 'go too' resource to see what was happening in the music scene at any one period in time. btw...yu didnt 'grow up' with 'move it', it was around the year we were born! 😛
  15. mushymanrob


    2...... ones into motown and metal (old material mainly) the others a dj having worked on the white isle playing (old) trance...