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    music, metal detecting, weather, nature, history, life, spirituality and science.

    i love the seasons, i love mild februarys, it reminds me of my childhood exploring the countryside. making dens in hedgerows, sheltering from the rain, hearing the mistle thrush singing as the mild sw wind blows dark clouds across the sky. many records from the mid 60's remind me of these times.. overlanders 'michelle'. 'keep on running' , 'uptight', 'little by little' (dusty).. then back to our coal fired home to watch 'robinson crusoe' , jackanory, blue peter, thunderbirds .. this is why the bartlett to me is welcome. i love the spring. the first catkins, celendines, ladysmock, nests, the countryside in spring is heaven.
    i love the heat in summer, the hot southerly draft, 'trance' music is so apt, i love the thunderstorms too.
    in the notorious winter of 81, i had to work outdoors , ive never been so cold. i felt sick and numb with it. i think thats when i lost interest in snow/cold.

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  1. mushymanrob

    Ghostly Happenings.

    i cant see anything strange..
  2. mushymanrob

    Make us laugh

    seems we have bred a generation without common sense.
  3. mushymanrob

    Ghostly Happenings.

  4. mushymanrob

    Ghostly Happenings.

    easily faked.
  5. mushymanrob

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    sorry i meant the guys in the vid.... most are probably married by now with kids.
  6. mushymanrob

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    ahhh feeder.... this was my fav feeder track, great vid, i wonder where they are now?... (think i know who the avril lavigne look alike is)
  7. mushymanrob

    Favourite ITV ident from 90s Weather

    sorry jo ... never watched itv weather, always prefered the bbc.
  8. mushymanrob

    What ever happened to ?

    dunno, the lyrics dont tell us that..
  9. mushymanrob

    What ever happened to ?

    got an ice pick made his ears burn
  10. mushymanrob

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    modern music is crap?..... ive been hearing that since the late 60's... previous generations berating their successors is nothing new. and your favoured period was berated by older people too. but in saying that, i do think the musical landscape has changed, and like comedy theres nothing new and cutting edge coming through. wheres this generations lennon? lydon? bush? morrissey? and loads more... i think years of daft leftish education (and im left of centre) has emasculated a generation. the snowflakes. scared to offend, indoctrinated that everyone is equal and not to upset anyone. whilst everyone should have equal opertunity, we are not equal. some are better sportsmen, others better at academia etc. would any of our rich and varied musical movement have ever been created if people were scared to offend?.. isnt rebelling, having an opinion, creating something new , part of the creation of our youth movements? how could rock n roll ever happened if people were scared of the offence their music created? let along punk! lol.
  11. mushymanrob

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    yes theres a vid on comedy ..... comedy is dead. its all safe smart arsed panel shows now, people are too scared to offend. you couldnt even make father ted nowdays.. modern comedy is dead...its trite, unoriginal, safe and worst of all unfunny....yet leftists reckon comedy doesnt have to be funny.. tv drama though is arguably the best ever... even the remake of poldark is better then the original (thats rare for me to say). dramas on netflix like 'power' are superb! so many angles, plots and subplots, just like a 'film noir' featuring bogart.
  12. mushymanrob

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    pjw spot on as usual...
  13. mushymanrob

    TV Ads you hate.

    toyota advert?... using this earworm