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    music, metal detecting, weather, nature, history, life, spirituality and science.

    i love the seasons, i love mild februarys, it reminds me of my childhood exploring the countryside. making dens in hedgerows, sheltering from the rain, hearing the mistle thrush singing as the mild sw wind blows dark clouds across the sky. many records from the mid 60's remind me of these times.. overlanders 'michelle'. 'keep on running' , 'uptight', 'little by little' (dusty).. then back to our coal fired home to watch 'robinson crusoe' , jackanory, blue peter, thunderbirds .. this is why the bartlett to me is welcome. i love the spring. the first catkins, celendines, ladysmock, nests, the countryside in spring is heaven.
    i love the heat in summer, the hot southerly draft, 'trance' music is so apt, i love the thunderstorms too.
    in the notorious winter of 81, i had to work outdoors , ive never been so cold. i felt sick and numb with it. i think thats when i lost interest in snow/cold.

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  1. like them or not, they are a part of the british countryside and have every right to be there, if anything needs culling, its the more destructive creatures who think they own it all, the bipeds, us.
  2. noaa 500hpa mean charts suggest high pressure domination for the next two weeks. warm, fine, mainly dry. chilly nights,
  3. why do we have mens and womens football? why are males and females always segregated at sport?.... its because in general, we have different body types, with males generally being more muscular and stronger. so why is there a need in the fire service to correct the gender inbalance?.. i mean, so what if more males are attracted to a heavy physical job? it shouldnt proclude females who wish to do it.
  4. our local wildlife trust vaccinates badgers so there no need for a cull.
  5. dont trust any report that confuses the jet stream with the gulf stream... (mail report on cold winter).
  6. its the same idiotic mind set that doesnt use common sense, and context, but instead jumps to sweeping statements of 'racism', because they take the definition to its extreme , that has got 'melting pot' banned, along with comedies that cannot be made now, like it aint half hot mum, till death us do part, fawlty towers (after all, andrew sachs wasnt spanish but portrayed a stereotype didnt he) or even father bloody ted to be created.
  7. well i for one will never ignore your advice john. ive found it to be spot on, so much so that ive confidently started my own page (with another) because using the anomaly/mean charts as a guide to which ops are most likely to be nearest the mark is proving to be very accurate....when consistent of course.
  8. i think one thing theyve overlooked or simply ignored..... yes its been wet, but the rains were heavy, with around 2/3 of the summer days being dry, meaning the rains that fell came in only 1/3 of the other days. this is in contrast to say 2012 when around 2/3 of days were wet.
  9. apparently, one of the first progressive pop songs championing racial harmony, sung by the first (?) mixed race pop group 50 years ago - 'melting pot' by blue mink, has been banned........... ............... for being racist!. some snowflake took offence to the phrase "yellow chinkies"....
  10. similarly my occupation as a grass cutting contractor taints my view, or gives it a different perspective. the more dry days - the better, even if, like this year, when its rained, its rained very heavily.
  11. ............ or is it selective memory (not deliberate)... i prefer actual stats over memory.
  12. no youre missing the point, please read my op...
  13. our ancestry can be guessed at without documented sources. ive done dna, i know my heritage is northwestern european and scandinavian. surnames too can give a strong indication as most of us 'whities' have place name or occupational surnames. they became popular soon after the conquest.
  14. oddly, humidity is higher here today at 80% then it was yesterday at around 50% ..... i guess 50% humidity in 26c feels more humid then 80% in 18c ....
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