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    i love the seasons, i love mild februarys, it reminds me of my childhood exploring the countryside. making dens in hedgerows, sheltering from the rain, hearing the mistle thrush singing as the mild sw wind blows dark clouds across the sky. many records from the mid 60's remind me of these times.. overlanders 'michelle'. 'keep on running' , 'uptight', 'little by little' (dusty).. then back to our coal fired home to watch 'robinson crusoe' , jackanory, blue peter, thunderbirds .. this is why the bartlett to me is welcome. i love the spring. the first catkins, celendines, ladysmock, nests, the countryside in spring is heaven.
    i love the heat in summer, the hot southerly draft, 'trance' music is so apt, i love the thunderstorms too.
    in the notorious winter of 81, i had to work outdoors , ive never been so cold. i felt sick and numb with it. i think thats when i lost interest in snow/cold.

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  1. yeah im looking foreward to mushrooms too.....
  2. mushymanrob

    Worst summer of the 1980s?

    i agree..... those mid 80's summers were not as relentlessly wet, no summer flooding like we had in 2012. .... well not as bad...
  3. today is pretty dreadful really.... high humidity and cloud. i find humidity is a larger problem in autumn, or late summer onwards if youre going to be pedantic! ive just taken down my pool, (yep given up on any more lengthy hot spells) washed it and packed it away... sweating like hell! now i dont mind sweating if its sunny! but this dull muggy muck is simply unpleasant. for me now, if we cant have heat,. let it be cool and fresh... non of this middling muck.
  4. youre lucky then that fog or fungus spores dont affect you, lol..
  5. well ive just taken my pool down.... thats how sure i am of us getting no more heat (other then transient spells).
  6. mushymanrob

    European Championships Combined Events

    love athletics me...... true sport, where fans and fellow competitors appreciate and applaud contestants for effort, for breaking a pb, national/meeting/world record no matter who they are, no matter what country they represent, no matter what religion they are, the colour of their sking, their sex, or sexuality... team gb did extremely well, some world class performances, coming top of the athletics medal table too. i have no idea why athletics is not more widely supported. but i cannot stand the bbc coverage.... too many 'experts', too much analysis... love paula, but as a comontator shes useless.... mumbles too much..... love colin jackson, but as a comontator hes useless, hes like an excited puppy just talking crap, stating the obvious... he should be presenting a program for kids, not adults, hes borderline insulting , patronising at best.
  7. each to their own i guess, but i prefer the new fresh scents of spring, or the sweet scents of summer blooms to that of dying, decaying, musty vegetation..
  8. you seem hung up on weather conditions dictating the seasons.. theres far more to the seasons then the weather.. and theres no 'cut off date', just a slide into cooler conditions. we can and do get 'atumnal like' lows in summer, we do get settled warmth in autumn..
  9. mushymanrob

    Worst summer of the 1980s?

    checking my work diary from aug 85 ..... actually it was quite dry. that was the august i spread sand on new football pitches and the sun dried it so it ran into the cracked ground.... it worked well (drainage) . thought that was aug 86, but no, twas 85. whilst 85 wasnt good, by a long way, there was a drier period (if not warm) because the ground needed to dry out to crack, and i needed several dry sunny days to drag the sand around 9 football pitches. the warmest day here was october 1st ! when we got 25c, and very high humidity.
  10. mushymanrob

    Worst summer of the 1980s?

    85 easily... 80 wasnt good either. 86 87 wasnt good but imho wasnt as bad as 85, maybe because 85 was cool and wet?... i remember farmers not being able to harvest crops and having them rot in the fields. id rate 83 as the best, 89, 84, next. 82,86, 87, 88, uninspiring 85, 80, 81 worst.
  11. as i see them, they are pretty consistent with showing a pretty strong westerly upper flow , perhaps backing a little south of west. but the pressure appears to be on the +ive side of neutral . so whilst its set to remain unsettled and mobile with no dominant trough nor ridge (lasting long) , it shouldnt be too bad for the south with as ever the north getting the coolest/windiest/wettest conditions . pretty much normal, average, conditions then, sunnier warmer spells mixed with cloudier/cooler/wetter ones, but with the better conditions becoming more widespread then the poorer ones. as they are pretty consistent, i do trust them... however, history shows the these expected lengthy spells of a flat jet/upper flow usually dont last long. so it wouldnt surprise me if these charts re-aligned themselves and a more pronounced ridge/trough pattern emerges...
  12. mushymanrob

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    2 brilliant tracks... in fact 'boss drum' was THE first dance track that got me interested in dance (i hated disco). loved the lyrics too, appealled to the hippy in me, lol..
  13. you can get blackberries right into october. the question is 'when do they first ripen'? ... like everything theres no one set date . if its a cold may/june then flowering will be delayed so mature berries will be too, on the other hand of course warm conditions in spring bring on flowers so berries could be ready earlier even in normal conditions.. its normal for trees to shed older leaves in times of drought. especially shallow rooted trees like birch. sometimes they grow more leaves later in the season if it turns wet. dont forget some years there are 2 tree rings produced. horse chestnut in particular turn early, but theres that leaf mining beetle thats killing the trees atm, they are harming the leaves and making then have a dead/brown appearance. i know of some young lime trees that will have shed all their leaves by mid september, regardless of summer heat/drought/monsoon.
  14. Wet early spring, lots of dry sunny weather in summer.. perfect if have thought. But they arent early. My first crop was usually picked before the family holidayin the first week of august.